Website Release Notes

Current designation: Website v3.5


"New" - New features, components or functionality 
"Improvements" - Improvements made to existing features 
"Fixes" - Bugs(technical issues) that have been fixed 
"Known Issues" - Issues that the Web Team are aware of and/or found by the public 
"Operations" - Any changes/improvements that have been done to the servers

v3.5 8.1.2019
  • All department/office/council homepages have new layouts
  • More accessible primary navigation system implmented
  • Quick search field added to the top right of all subpages
  • Pittsburgh logo swapped out for a more traditional version
  • Larger collection of links added to footer
  • Social Media Hub created
  • Misc. tweaks and module changes included but not limited to buttons, text alignment, revamped announcement boxes, revamped Press Releases landing page, new accordion style dropdowns on subpages and various other improvements
  • Cleaned up unecessary javascript and consolidation of scripts/code
  • Many fixes on the back-end including module upgrades to our home-bulit Content Management System
Known Issues
  • City homepage slow loading
  • Small revamp to the top half section of city homepage
  • Re-writing of meeting modules front and back-end
  • Mayor's Cabinet Page
v3.3 8.8.2018
  • All department homepages (Hub Pages) have been revamped.
  • Department/Office homepages: To improve the user experience by making it easier to find content and announcements.
  • Increased page load times.
Known Issues n/a
  • Continued improvements with internal website searching.
  • Revamp content page menus. These are the menus located on the right side of the content pages.


v3.2 7.16.2018
  • All secondary content pages have had slight UI (user interface) tweaks and changes to page titles and social media icons. Backgound colors lightened for better contract.
  • Resident Guide section added: View
  • Department of Mobility and Infrastructure added: View
  • Gender Equity Commission added: View
  • New sections added to Clerk's Office: View
  • City Cuts: View
  • City Steps: View
  • Pittsburghs Summer18: View
  • Lexington Technology Park: View
  • Wightman Park Improvement Plan: View
  • Inclusive Innovation PGH: View
  • PGH Lab 3.0: View
  • Burgh's Eye View, always being updated with new and additional dataset and visualization: View
  • Significant improvement to Press Release Social Media integration.
  • Certificate of Occupancy Search app added: View
  • Building Benchmarking Compliance Search: View
  • Films and Events Permitting apps added to Office of Special Events: View
  • Consolidation of PLI's section for easier to find information: View
  • Many small structurual tweaks including font sizing, mobile layout and Search Engine Optimization.
Known Issues n/a
  • Continued improvements with internal website searching.
  • Addtional DCP projects being added to their Projects section: View
  • Revamp content page menus. These are the menus located on the right side of the content pages.


v3.1 12.1.2017
New Numerous changes including new layout, additional pages and graphic assets.

All of the pages that used the "Tab" system of navigation has been replacement by a traditonal vertical menu. This new layout allows for significantly better search engine optization and usability.

Press Release Signup form has been added to the PR page.

Press Release Archive page added.

Missing content has been placed in respected department areas including meeting schedule information and other content that was missing since launch.

Fixes Various backend code has been cleaned up. Additional code has been implemented in php processes and database communication. These changes increase page load times, increase rendering time for dynamically controled objects powered by PHP.
Known Issues n/a

Citizen Guide Widget that will be installed on the homepage below the search bar. The guide will lead visitors to the most popular city services. 

New Press Release filter feature will be added to the archive page a quicker and more convient experience.


v3.0 8.14.2017
New Complete revamp in design, function, usability and accessibility.
Improvements All components and features are new. More details to follow in upcoming release.
Fixes Adjustments made to Press  Releases, Alerts and Blurb modules. These are correlated between the Website and Redtail CMS.
Operations Launching with PostgreSQL 9, new server architecture, new Content Management System "Redtail"
Known Issues
  • Target tabs have no highlight
  • Department Meeting Schedules need updated
  • Citizen Knowledge Guide
  • Update some Department hero banner images
  • Add more images to several department pages