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City Cuts vector graphic of lawn mower, gas can and text. City Cuts vector graphic of lawn mower, gas can and text. City Cuts vector graphic of lawn mower, gas can and text. City Cuts vector graphic of lawn mower, gas can and text. City Cuts vector graphic of lawn mower, gas can and text.

What Is City Cuts?

City Cuts is the City of Pittsburgh’s lawn cutting program for our older neighbors, our veteran neighbors, and our neighbors with disabilities who do not have the means to cut their own grass.

In 2022, this service will be provided twice a month, weather permitting, from mid-April through October.

Applicants must reside in the City of Pittsburgh limits, live in an owner-occupied property, lack social or financial means to cut their own lawns, and meet one or more of the follow qualifications:

Be 62 years or older
Be a veteran
Have a disability that prohibits you from cutting grass

Service is limited and applications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Find the different ways to apply by scrolling to "Request Service".


Yes! Please see ways to apply below.

Yes! Please see ways to apply below.

Unfortunately, no. The property to which service is provided must be owner-occupied. Consider discussing lawn care with your landlord.

Whichever of the ‘Request City Cuts Service’ options below work best for you!

Yes! Please be sure to note your contact information on the application.

You will be notified through the contact information provided.

Yes. The City hired contractors through a procurement process this year, requiring insurance.

Twice a month from mid April through October 1.

Not through City Cuts. The scope of the service is limited to grass cutting.

No, but please expect a cut every two weeks. Since service is weather related, one rainy afternoon can shift the course of a week’s work.

All of it! Please make sure it is accessible to the contractor by removing anything that may get in the way of a mower, including furniture and pet waste. Cuts are provided for the premises of the home only. Neighboring lots are not eligible for this program.

It will be shorter! The contractor will also leave a door hanger with a reminder of how to reach the City of Pittsburgh should you have any concerns afterward.

Applicants will need to re-apply each year in order to renew the liability waiver, re-review requirements, and be mapped correctly.

Please call the Office of Community Affairs at 412-255-0846 or the Mayor's 311 Response Line at 412-255-2621 to share concerns.

How sweet! It’s nice to be thanked. Contact 311 or Community Affairs and we’ll share with your contractor as part of our regular check-ins.

Contact City Cuts

Return completed application form to:

City Cuts Program, Department of Public Works
414 Grant Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Questions? Contact: Gisele Betances, Community Programming Coordinator at 412-255-0846 or email at