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The Clean Pittsburgh Commission (CPC) was established in August 2005 through legislation introduced to City Council by then Councilman Doug Shields and co-sponsored by then Council members Dan Deasy, Bill Peduto and Luke Ravenstahl. The CPC’s mission is: to work to improve the environmental quality of life of Pittsburgh residents through litter, illegal dumping and recycling initiatives.

The CPC is comprised of representatives from various City departments, local non-profits, individuals and community groups. The activities of the CPC are focused in three primary areas: 1) monitoring/awareness/prevention, 2) clean-up, and 3) enforcement. The primary function of the CPC is to provide oversight, direction, leadership, resources and assistance to community groups and individuals while serving as the liaison between these groups and the appropriate City departments.

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Upcoming Meetings

The Clean Pittsburgh Commission has traditionally met on the 2nd Thursday of each month, with varying times and locations to give more opportunties for more people to participate, as all meetings were open to the public. During the pandemic, we have moved online to Zoom, and have had our meetings live streamed every 2nd Thursday of the Month at 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM and with all recordings posted to the City of Pittsburgh's YouTube channel CityChannel. 

As long as we continue this format, we our ability to open up the meeting to everyone is unfortunately curtailed. We encourage everybody to watch our meeting videos and reach out to us with any questions or concerns to bring up in meeting, and we look forward to post-pandemic when we can meet together with the open public once again!

To view a live stream while the meeting is happening, visit either the Clean Pittsburgh Commission's Facebook page  or CityChannel YouTube page  at the 10:00 time each month. 


Archived Meetings

Date Location Agenda Minutes
01/10/2020 Pennsylvania Resources Council, 828 W. North Ave Pgh, PA 15233  Jan_Agenda_2020_.pdf Jan_Minutes_2020.pdf
02/13/2020 Pennsylvania Resources Council, 828 W. North Ave Pgh, PA 15233  Feb_Agenda_2020_.pdf Feb_Minutes_2020.pdf
03/12/2020 Cancelled - replaced with conference call Mar_Agenda_2020_.pdf Mar_Minutes_2020.pdf
04/09/2020 Cancelled - replaced with conference call Apr Agenda 2020 .pdf Apr Minutes 2020.pdf
05/14/2020 Cancelled - replaced with conference call May_Agenda_2020.pdf May_Minutes_2020.pdf
06/11/2020 10:00am Zoom meeting open to the public June_Agenda_2020.pdf June_Minutes_2020.pdf
07/09/2020 10:00am Zoom meeting open to the public July_Agenda_2020.pdf July_Minutes_2020.pdf
08/13/2020 10:00am Zoom meeting open to the public Aug_Agenda_2020.pdf Aug_Minutes_2020.pdf
09/10/2020 10:00am Zoom meeting open to the public  Sept_Agenda_2020.pdf Sept_Minutes_2020.pdf
10/8/2020 10:00am Zoom meeting open to the public  Oct_Agenda_2020.pdf Oct_Minutes_2020.pdf
11/12/2020 10:00am Zoom meeting open to the public Nov_Agenda_2020.pdf Nov_Minutes_2020.pdf
01/14/2021 10:00am Zoom meeting open to the public Jan_Agenda_2021.pdf Jan_Minutes_2021.pdf
02/11/2021 6:00 pm Zoom meeting open to the public Feb_Agenda_2021.pdf Feb_Minutes_2021.pdf
03/11/2021 10:00am Zoom meeting open to the public Mar_Agenda_2021.pdf Mar_Minutes_2021.pdf
04/08/2021 10:00am Zoom meeting open to the public Apr_Agenda_2021.pdf Apr_Minutes_2021.pdf
05/13/2021 10:00am Zoom meeting open to the public May_Agenda_2021.pdf May_Minutes_2021.pdf
06/10/2021 10:00am Zoom meeting open to the public Jun_Agenda_2021.pdf Jun_Agenda_2021.pdf
08/12/2021 10:00am Zoom meeting open to the public Cancelled Aug_Agenda_2021.pdf Aug_Minutes_2021.pdf
09/09/2021 City Channel YouTube Recording Sept_Agenda_2021.pdf September Meeting YouTube Video
10/14/2021 City Channel YouTube Recording Oct_Agenda_2021.pdf Oct_Minutes_2021.pdf
11/22/2021 City Channel YouTube Recording Nov_Agenda_2021.pdf Nov_Minutes_2021.pdf
12/09/2021 City Channel YouTube Recording Dec_Agenda_2021.pdf Dec_Minutes_2021.pdf
01/13/2022 City Channel YouTube Recording Jan_Agenda_2022.pdf Jan_Minutes_2022.pdf
02/10/2022 City Channel YouTube Recording Feb_Agenda_2022.pdf Feb_Minutes_2022.pdf
03/10/2022 City Channel YouTube Recording Mar_Agenda_2022.pdf Mar_Minutes_2022.pdf
4/14/2022 City Channel YouTube Recording Apr_Agenda_2022.pdf Apr_Minutes_2022.pdf
5/12/2022 City Channel YouTube Recording May_Agenda_2022.pdf May_Minutes_2022.pdf
6/9/2022 City Channel YouTube Recording Jun_Agenda_2022.pdf Jun_Minutes_2022.pdf
7/14/2022 City Channel YouTube Recording Jul_Agenda_2022.pdf Jul_Minutes_2022.pdf
8/11/2022 City Channel YouTube Recording Aug_Agenda_2022.pdf Aug_Minutes_2022.pdf
10/13/2022 City Channel YouTube Recording Oct_Agenda_2022.pdf Oct_Minutes_2022.pdf
11/10/2022 City Channel YouTube Recording Nov_Agenda_2022.pdf Nov_Minutes_2022.pdf
1/12/2023 City Channel YouTube Recording Jan_Agenda_2023.pdf Jan_Minutes_2023.pdf
2/09/2023 City Channel YouTube Recording Feb_Agenda_2023.pdf Feb_Minutes_2023.pdf
3/09/2023 City Channel YouTube Recording Mar_Agenda_2023.pdf Mar_Minutes_2023.pdf
4/13/2023 City Channel YouTube Recording Apr_Agenda_2023.pdf Apr_Minutes_2023.pdf
5/11/2023 City Channel YouTube Recording May_Agenda_2023.pdf May_Minutes_2023.pdf
6/08/2023 City Channel YouTube Recording Jun_Agenda_2023.pdf Jun_Minutes_2023.pdf
8/10/2023 City Channel YouTube Recording Aug_Agenda_2023.pdf Aug_Minutes_2023.pdf


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