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Litterati & Individual Action Contributing to Data

The Clean Pittsburgh Commission has purchased a Litterati account for the City of Pittsburgh to empower residents to use their smartphones to help us understand litter on the ground here in Pittsburgh. Litterati is a global, crowdsourced litter auditing app that gives insight to the composition and location of litter by users like you.  Download to your smartphone (for both Apple and Android) and use join code "CLEANPGH"


Litter and Illegal Dumping Roundtable 2015

The Clean Pittsburgh Litter and illegal Dumping Roundtable is an innovation-based discussion allowing the City to hear from non-profit and civic leaders, academics and government officials on the topic of litter and illegal dumping. Our event on July 9th 2015 was recorded and broadcast on the City of Pittsburgh Cable Channel and can currently be viewed on the City’s YouTube Channel.


Together for a Cleaner Pittsburgh 2016

Commemorating the Clean Pittsburgh Commission’s 10th Anniversary in 2016, Shannon Chavez Productions created a video highlighting the work of its members, partner organizations, and the dedicated volunteers who make it all possible.


Garbage Olympics

The Garbage Olympics is a citywide volunteer event/competition where teams from different neighborhoods collect litter and vie for awards like most garbage collected, strangest item found, and the dirtiest volunteer! The Garbage Olympics began in 2017 with a pilot program involving 6 East End neighborhoods and has grown more popular each year!



In 2021, The Garbage Olympics had OVER HALF the number of neighborhoods in the City, with a record 46 neighborhoods competing, totalling:

  • 623+ volunteers
  • 1168+ bags of garbage
  • 375+ tires
  • 195+ tvs antd other e-waste
  • 23+ bulk items

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In 2020, The Gargage Olympics had 38 neighborhoods competting, totaling:

  • 724+ volunteers
  • 1129+ bags of garbage
  • 670+ tires
  • 254+ tvs
  • 5 mattresses
  • 6 couches
  • 12 shopping carts
  • 5 refridgerators
  • 4 lawnmowers
  • 2 satelite dishes
  • 1 jukebox

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In 2019, The Garbage Olympics had 34 neighborhoods competing, totaling:

  • 554+ volunteers
  • 974+ bags of garbage
  • 134+ tires
  • 95+ TV’s
  • 15 mattresses
  • 8 couches
  • 6 shopping carts
  • 4 pallets
  • 1 fridge and
  • 1 dishwasher full of silverware and glass



OnePGH’s Roadmap to Zero Waste
City of Pittsburgh’s Climate Action Plan
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Allegheny CleanWays Volunteer Opportunities
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