Business Processes

The City Clerk’s Office documents seven primary business processes:

  • Meeting Notices
  • Legislative Meeting Minutes
  • Publication of Weekly Minutes
  • Indexing and Publication of Annual Municipal Record Book
  • Standing Committees Meeting Minutes
  • Public Hearing Minutes
  • Legislative Process (Ordinances and Resolutions)


The City Clerk's Office is responsible for recording minutes for Legislative and Standing Committee Meetings, as well as Public Hearings. Each of these sessions is recorded by an on-site Stenographer. Minutes are also recorded verbatim and transcribed for publication. These minutes are kept on file in the City Clerk's office and copies are made available upon request. The minutes are also kept in a common computer drive as "read-only' documents for electronic researching purposes.

To obtain minutes for any Council meeting session, click here, or call the Clerk’s Office and request a copy of the minutes you want. A 25 cent fee will be applied to all requested hard copies.

Production of Weekly Minutes And Production of Annual Municipal Record Books

For the purpose of continuity, and because of their interdependency, these processes are combined. The minutes of the Legislative Meetings of Council are published in separate weekly minute books. Each Member of Council receives a copy of these minutes, which are approved at the next Legislative Meeting of Council. Additional copies of these books are on file in the City Clerk's Office for public reference and distribution.

These weekly minute books are then used to compile an index for the publication of the Annual Municipal Record book. This book is divided into two parts. The first part is called The Minutes of the Proceedings, which contains, verbatim, all dialogue from Council's Legislative Meetings. This dialogue is indexed by various categories for reference at the beginning of the book. The second part is called Ordinances and Resolutions, which contains all legislation passed in Council for that respective year.