Kimberly D. Clark-Baskin, City Clerk

Kimberly Clark-Baskin, CMC, City Clerk

Kimberly was born and raised in the Homewood neighborhood of the City and is the youngest of three children--and the only girl. She attended Pittsburgh Public Schools, graduating from George Westinghouse High School in 1993. She went on to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology w/ a Minor in Psychology and a concentration in Criminal Justice from Carlow University. Kimberly began her career with the City Clerk’s Office in 1994 as a paid intern, under then City Clerk, Linda Johnson-Wasler. During her college semester breaks, Kimberly worked in the City Clerk’s Office on an array of assignments from different Members of Council, and would also do research as needed per requests from the constituency of the City.

Over the years, Kimberly would be promoted to different positions within the Clerk’s Office, including, Administrative Assistant, Clerk 1, Clerk 2, Secretary and Supervisor. And, in September 2014, Kim was appointed as Deputy/Assistant City Clerk and worked in that capacity until her appointment as the City Clerk in October 2022. She attained her Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC) designation in July 2019 and is now working on her Master Municipal Clerk (MMC) designation. Kimberly has maintained a positive working relationship with the Clerk staff; City Council members and their staff; five different Mayoral administrations; and several outside entities. She prides herself on always remaining the same while working in the world of politics.

Kim lives in Homewood with her husband, Rasheed, their children Aniya, Samir, Rasheed and Ta’Laya, and her father, Kenneth. Kim is the proud grandmother of grandson Daryn and granddaughter Nyrah. Those who know Kimberly best know she is very family-oriented and continuously looks forward to each new day that she is blessed to share with them.

Kimberly credits Linda Johnson-Wasler with, not only introducing her to local politics, but also teaching her most of what she knows about the City Clerk’s Office and City Council. She also gives credit to and acknowledges Brenda Pree, her predecessor, with mentoring and teaching her during this journey. She thanks Linda and Brenda for being two extremely important women in her professional and personal life.