The Pittsburgh Municipal Record

First published in 1868, the Pittsburgh Municipal Record is an annual compilation of the proceedings of Pittsburgh City Council, including meeting minutes and legislation. The Municipal Record contains agreements, correspondence, ordinances, resolutions, petitions and remarks from Council members, making it an essential resource for information about Pittsburgh government. 

The Clerk’s Office has digitized the Municipal Record from 1868 to the 1990s and made it available online here: Pittsburgh Municipal Record.

Note: to access legislation from 2000 to present, visit the City’s Legislative Information Center.


Tips for using the Municipal Record online:

To perform a universal search through all annual Municipal Record books in the collection, type a search query in the Search Collection bar on the left side of the collection page. Make sure to select “text contents” in the options below the search bar.

Tips for using the Municipal Record online - screenshot of LIC dashboard


Universal searches will be most useful for broad research topics; for example, a search for “World War” or historical figures like “Harriet Tubman” will be more useful in this mode than local topics such as “Fifth Avenue,” which will appear many times in every Municipal Record volume. Be sure to enclose search terms in quotation marks.

For browsing individual volumes, we recommend sorting the collection by Title in List mode. The volumes will then appear chronologically beginning with the earliest volume.