Video Streaming

In the LIC, video is available two ways - Live Video Streaming, and Archived Video.

Live Video Streaming

While Council meetings are in progress, links become active on the Live Video Streaming page  Click the links, and a new window will open containing the video player (see player configuration info below), and also the relevant agenda document (in PDF format).

Archived Video

After meetings take place, the City Clerk's office works hard to edit and archive Meeting Video. When video clips has been archived, you will find links on Legislative Detail pages. Links to archived video clips are to be found everywhere legislative files are listed.

Video Player Configuration

Videos are streamed using Windows Media Player (WMP). For many users, WMP should be configured correctly - however, we intend to provide as many configuration resources as possible here.

  • Granicus , the third party that provides the video streaming, has assembled a help page.
  • Microsoft has a WMP download page where the latest version(s) may be obtained. *Note - if you are hearing the audio track but NOT seeing the video stream, it's very likely that you need to update WMP at the site linked to above. After updating, you need to start WMP before the update will be in effect.
  • Flip4Mac is a free program that allows Mac users to easily view WMP files. The program adds WMP compatibility to QuickTime - the latter being standard install for Mac. A resource page has been established.
  • Fans of the excellent and free Firefox web browser can easily download and configure a free plugin for WMP playback (scroll to the page bottom and look for Windows Media Player).