Campaign Finance

City Of Pittsburgh Campaign Finance Ordinance

The full text of the City’s most recent campaign finance regulations, including contribution limits and reporting requirements, can be found here on the Municode website.

Campaign Finance Reporting

In accordance with Article 8, Section 802 of the City's Home Rule Charter, candidates for mayor, City controller and City council must file a report of receipts and expenses five days prior to the primary election. Prior to the general election, candidates must file a report of receipts and expenses seven days prior to the election.

Reports of receipts and expenses are to be filed in the City controller's office.

Note: Candidates do not have to file a second report with the City in addition to the County. They may make a second copy of the report filed with the County and attach any receipts and expenditures made between the County cutoff date and the City’s.

Campaign Finance Reporting Forms:

Instructions: To fill out forms electronically, download documents and open with Adobe, using the "Fill & Sign" tool to enter text where appropriate.

Filing Reports with the City’s Ethics Hearing Board

In addition to filing a campaign finance report with the controller’s office prior to the election, candidates for City office must file reports with the Ethics Hearing Board. Reports must be filed on the first business day of each month prior to Election Day. More information on where and how to file with the Ethics Hearing Board can be found here.

Openbook Pittsburgh

Open Book Pittsburgh is a searchable database of city government contracts, as well as all campaign donations to and expenditures from city candidates and officials. The City controller’s office makes this information available before primaries, before general elections, and after the County makes candidates’ annual reports public.

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