Core Services


  • Incorporates all financial data into the Controller's financial information system.
  • Performs bank reconciliations, transfers of funds, and code account creation.  
  • Prepares monthly reports of revenues, quarterly reports of expenditures, and a  Annual Report.

Accounts Payable

  • Audits City government related expenditures and provides payment to City vendors.
  • Audits all City contracts for specs before countersignature by Controller and digitizes all contracts,
  • Audits and payment documentation for support checks. Also accepts bids to be awarded for contracts.

Performance Audit 

  • Conducts audits of City departments and authorities (URA, Parking, Stadium, etc.) to ensure that program goals and objectives are being met;
  • Test for compliance with applicable laws;
  • Making constructive recommendations for improvement.

Fiscal Audit

  • Performs fiscal reviews of City departments and authorities, typically analyzing revenues and expenditures. Audits the City's imprest and trust fund accounts. 


  • Inspects and audits all engineering, architectural, construction, and demolition contracts during and after completion of projects.