Welcome to District 5

Councilman Corey O'Connor

Councilman Corey O'Connor


Welcome to District 5. It is my pleasure to be serving as your Councilman for a third term. Please feel free to call me or one of my staffers with any issues or concerns. I view one of my major roles as a Councilman is to advocate for you.  I also feel it’s important to facilitate solutions for residents with diverse views and agendas as well as to help solve city-related constituent problems. I’ve been fortunate to meet so many of you over the years and I always enjoy seeing you at neighborhood and citywide events.   If we haven’t met and our paths cross, I hope you’ll stop to introduce yourself. After all, I work for you!  

Our Neighborhoods

Glen Hazel

Glen Hazel is one of the city’s smaller neighborhoods in a city made up of 90 neighborhoods, each with its own flavor. Many have raised families in this very close-knit family community. Surrounded by densely wooded areas, various species of wildlife are often observed.  The Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh, The Glen Hazel Family Community and the Bernice Washington Crawly High Rise are located here.     


Greenfield is located southeast of Downtown, adjacent to Squirrel Hill, Hazelwood, and Schenley Park.    This growing neighborhood, which is attracting growing numbers of young professionals and families, boasts its own business district and there is easy accessibility to the Squirrel Hill business hub. A “suburb in the City," it offers a variety of housing stock, convenient location, and marvelous views of Pittsburgh’s skyline.


Named after former Pittsburgh Mayor William B. Hayes, this neighborhood is located on the southeastern edge of Pittsburgh. It encompasses the area known as Hays Woods, a parcel of more than 600 acres of woodlands, make it the largest undeveloped tract of land in the city. It is slated to be transitioned into the largest addition of the city-wide park system.


Flanked by the Monongahela River, Hazelwood and Glen Hazel is conveniently located to several popular shopping areas and destination points throughout the city. Its numerous parks and green spaces enhance these ethnically-diverse neighborhoods where varied and affordable housing is available. Situated on the former LTV site, Almono is the largest mixed use development project underway in the city and is expected to jumpstart change.

Lincoln Place

With green spaces and wooded tracts, this mostly residential neighborhood is a mix of classic homes and new development. In addition to ballfields and a community park, portions of Lincoln Place feel like living in a suburban neighborhood. Community events, including farmers’ markets, are popular attractions for residents. 

New Homestead

A predominately residential neighborhood, New Homestead is a tucked away community in the southeast of Pittsburgh. It is home to many single family detached residential developments, as well as some earlier developments from the mid-to-late 20th Century. Neighborhood amenities include access to greenspace, a park, and a ballfield.

Regent Square

Regent Square is a neighborhood that includes sections in the City, as well as in Swissvale, Edgewood, and Wilkinsburg. It is located on the City's eastern border and hugs Frick Park. The community maintains a vibrant business district and easy access to Frick Park’s amenities and the city’s East End neighborhoods.

Squirrel Hill South

Squirrel Hill South, largely made up of diverse residential stock as well as thriving business district in the Forbes and Murray corridor.  It is populated by a diverse mix of homeowners, families and students.   This neighborhood has unparalleled access to Schenley Park and Frick Park, two cornerstones of the City’s magnificent park system.  Pittsburgh’s many educational institutions and outstanding medical facilities are just minutes away and easily accessed by public transportation.    

Swisshelm Park

A small residential neighborhood on the city’s eastern border, Swisshelm Park is situated between Swissvale and Frick Park. It is a tightly knit, family-oriented community.  Neighborhood amenities includes a Community Center and the Swisshelm Parklet. There is easy access to Frick Park’s trails, the Squirrel Hill and Regent Square business districts.