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Turning a Vast, Post-Industrial Wilderness Into a Park in Pittsburgh
CityLab | December 31, 2019

Efforts underway to preserve and reuse former Carnegie Library building in Hazelwood
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | December 29, 2019

Pittsburgh paid sick days law to take effect on March 15, 2020
Pittsburgh City Paper | December 17, 2019

City to match $100,000 in state funds to begin Hays Woods planning
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | December 2, 2019

Op-Ed: Pa. needs higher wages, self-governance
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | December 1, 2019

Pittsburgh officials plan to appeal court’s gun ordinance ruling
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | October 30, 2019

Pittsburgh seeks allies in passing firearm regulation ordinances
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | October 23, 2019

Residents told Hazelwood neighborhood plan is still developing
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | September 16, 2019

Pittsburgh region's political leaders pledge to fight air pollution
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | August 28, 2019

Allegheny County Elected Officials Call For Crackdown On Industrial Pollution
CBS Pittsburgh | August 28, 2019

URA seeks developers to create 'gateway' into Hazelwood
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | July 25, 2019

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules That Pittsburgh's Paid Sick Leave Law Can Stand
90.5 WESA | July 17, 2019

Pa. Supreme Court rules in favor of Pittsburgh’s paid sick day legislation
Pittsburgh City Paper | July 17, 2019

Court rules that Pittsburgh’s paid sick leave law can stand
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | July 17, 2019

State Supreme Court hands win to Pittsburgh's paid sick leave ordinance
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | July 17, 2019

Pittsburgh can require private employers to provide paid sick leave, Pa. Supreme Court rules
Pennsylvania Capital-Star | July 17, 2019

Court rules that Pittsburgh’s paid sick leave law can stand
The Associated Press | July 17, 2019

Pittsburgh City Council supports health department’s clean air actions
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | July 1, 2019

Students tell Pittsburgh City Council: Fight gentrification, buy a house
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | May 7, 2019

Pa. Democrats back bill protecting Dreamers that would grant them path to citizenship
Pittsburgh City Paper | May 7, 2019

Pittsburgh Restricts Use Of Assault-Style Weapons, Setting Up Court Fight
NPR | April 9, 2019

Hays Woods task force says ‘no’ to housing. Residents learn its early findings.
Publicsource | April 4, 2019

Hays Woods takes steps toward becoming city park
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | April 4, 2019

Pittsburgh passes stricter gun laws — after state and federal governments wouldn’t
Vox | April 3, 2019

Pittsburgh Is Moving Forward With Gun Reform After the Tree of Life Shooting. But the Legal Battle Is Just Beginning
TIME | April 3, 2019

Pittsburgh Passes Gun Control Laws In Response To The Synagogue Shooting
Bustle | April 3, 2019

'Happy to Take a Stand': Pittsburgh City Council Approves Gun Ban After Synagogue Shooting
Governing | April 3, 2019

In defiance of Harrisburg, Pittsburgh passed its own gun control laws. What happens next?
Pennsylvania Capital-Star | April 3, 2019

Pittsburgh city council votes to restrict assault weapons months after Tree of Life synagogue massacre
CNN | April 2, 2019

Pittsburgh approves new gun control legislation
The Hill | April 2, 2019

Pittsburgh approves assault-style weapons restriction months after synagogue shooting
CBS News | April 2, 2019

Pittsburgh gun legislation passes final City Council vote
WPXI Pittsburgh | April 2, 2019

Pittsburgh City Council passes gun safety legislation
WTAE Pittsburgh | April 2, 2019

Scientists, activists equate air pollution to the opioid epidemic in plea to city council
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | April 2, 2019

Hays Woods Task Force Seeks Input From Residents At Wednesday Meeting
90.5 WESA | April 2, 2019

City Council gives tentative approval of gun-control bills in wake of Tree of Life shooting
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | March 27, 2019

Pittsburgh City Council moves to restrict guns after attack
The Associated Press | March 27, 2019

Pittsburgh has shelved its assault weapons ban (sort of)
The Incline | March 20, 2019

Council members seek 'legal path' for Pittsburgh's gun control proposals
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | March 20, 2019

Pittsburgh Council Amends Gun Bills, Will Wait On State Approval To Ban Some Firearms
90.5 WESA | March 20, 2019

Trees before townhouses
Postindustrial | March 17, 2019

Pittsburgh Council gears up for gun bill votes
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | March 13, 2019

Pittsburgh City Council to state officials: Let us design safe streets
Pittsburgh City Paper | March 13, 2019

Pittsburgh council members to add supporting research to gun-control bills
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | March 12, 2019

Inside Pittsburgh's Battle Over Gun Control Laws
CityLab | February 21, 2019

City to enforce 'clean construction' law on new bridge in Swisshelm Park's Duck Hollow
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | February 21, 2019

Watching PWSA Mature Hasn’t Been Easy, But Officials Say The Best Is Yet To Come
90.5 WESA | February 12, 2019

City Council Proposes Additional Amendments For Gun Legislation
CBS Pittsburgh | February 11, 2019

Debate and amendments ahead for Pittsburgh's proposed gun laws
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | January 28, 2019

Amendments planned for Pittsburgh proposed gun restrictions
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | January 26, 2019


Council passes resolution to examine construction industry fraud
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | December 27, 2018

Proposed ‘Common Sense’ Gun Measures Go Before City Council
CBS Pittsburgh | December 18, 2018

Pittsburgh council introduces 3 bills strengthening city gun laws
WPXI Pittsburgh | December 18, 2018

Pittsburgh City Council to consider ban on assault weapons, bump stocks
CNN | December 18, 2018

Pittsburgh officials to consider ban on some guns, ammunition
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | December 14, 2018

Three ‘Common Sense’ Gun Safety Bills To Be Introduced In Pittsburgh
CBS Pittsburgh | December 14, 2018

Pittsburgh officials pursue a new strategy to push for aggressive gun control measures
Publicsource | November 29, 2018

Pittsburgh offers free parking during holiday season
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | November 19, 2018

Pittsburgh 'ready to fight' on gun issues, Councilman O'Connor says
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | October 30, 2018

Op-Ed: If Pa. state government won’t help working families, it’s up to Philly and Pittsburgh 
Philadelphia Inquirer | October 29, 2018

Panel Of Experts Warns Against Private Money, Control At PWSA
90.5 WESA | September 27, 2018

What will Pittsburgh's first budget process without Act 47 look like?
The Incline | September 4, 2018

Pittsburgh Promise graduates, local employers in line for $5000 grants
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | July 6, 2018

Pittsburgh sets minority employment goal for city construction projects
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | May 29, 2018

Pittsburgh City Councilors Want Greater Authority Over Future Water System Reform
90.5 WESA | May 9, 2018

Pittsburgh City Council plans amendments to PWSA restructuring agreement
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | May 8, 2018

'Rarely do you have a chance in a city to plan a new park of this size': Task force to explore options for Hays Woods
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | April 30, 2018

Corey O'Connor, Tom Murphy heading task force on Pittsburgh's Hays Woods
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | April 30, 2018

Hazelwood Development Doesn't Have to Come at Expense of Affordable Housing, Councilman Says
90.5 WESA | April 26, 2018

City Council passed a bill to create more oversight of Pittsburgh's contracts with private vendors
PublicSource | April 24, 2018

Councilman wants to preserve affordable housing in Hazelwood
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | April 16, 2018

Op-Ed: Hazelwood is on the rise
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | April 3, 2018

Pittsburgh City Council considering anti-harassment training for city employees
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | March 20, 2018

City Council Members Propose Routine Anti-Harassment Training for City Employees
90.5 WESA | March 20, 2018

Pittsburgh city workers would face anti-harassment training under council
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | March 19, 2018

City Council member Corey O'Connor wants records about elected officials to be more accessible
The Incline | March 5, 2018

Pittsburgh's Paid Sick Days Fight Matters for Local Communities Across State, Council Member Says
90.5 WESA | February 15, 2018

Editorial: Start it up: O'Connor's good idea for URA support for startups
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | February 9, 2018

Editorial: Start it up: O'Connor's good idea for URA support for startups
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | February 9, 2018

Fund would cover business start-up costs under Pittsburgh City Council bill
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | February 6, 2018

Pittsburgh's entrepreneurs could get a financial boost under council proposal
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | February 5, 2018

Pittsburgh City Council seeks annual audits of tax abatement programs
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | January 31, 2018

Annual audits would examine Pittsburgh's tax abatement programs
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | January 29, 2018

The restaurant industry is now the Pittsburgh region's biggest employer. Can anything be done to ensure that wages grow too?
Pittsburgh City Council | October 11, 2017

What Harrisburg can do to help with Pittsburgh's affordable housing crunch
The Incline | October 11, 2017

Pittsburgh likely to offer free parking for Christmas shoppers
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | October 3, 2017

City Council eyes safety as Uber's autonomous cars return to Pittsburgh's roads after crash
The Incline | September 18, 2017

Pittsburgh poised to track financial impact of tax breaks to developers
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | September 8, 2017

Pittsburgh plans zoning standards for medical marijuana businesses
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | September 4, 2017

Have a student loan and hope to buy a home? A Pittsburgh councilman's pitching an idea for the state to help out
WTAE Pittsburgh | July 12, 2017

This Pittsburgh City Councilman wants student loan relief for homebuyers
The Incline | July 11, 2017

Proposal would offer loan relief for Pittsburgh home buyers
WPXI Pittsburgh | July 10, 2017

HirePGH grads receive grants, helps them stay in Pittsburgh
New Pittsburgh Courier | July 4, 2017

Youth Express: Pittsburgh Youth Budget Council
Neighborhood Voices | July 1, 2017

Grant recipients announced in Pittsburgh hiring effort
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | June 30, 2017

$5,500 grants given to 6 Pittsburgh Promise Scholarship alumni
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review | June 22, 2017

A group of teenagers will dedice the fat of a small portion of Pittsburgh's 2018 budget
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | June 22, 2017

Council proposal would target city-owned vacant homes
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | May 10, 2017

City Council wants to provide free tampons and pads at Pittsburgh parks, pools and rec centers
The Incline | March 29, 2017

City youth may apply to be part of Youth Participatory Budget Council<
South Pittsburgh Reporter | February 28, 2017

City teen program offering a lesson in civics
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | January 23, 2017

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