District 8 COVID-19 Updates

District 8 COVID-19 Resources & Response

This page will serve as a resource to update the community on COVID-19 resources available on the national, state, and local levels and will be updated regularly. 

If you are experiencing symptoms, please call your primary care provider. If you do not have one, call the PA Department of Health hotline at 1-877-PA-HEALTH (724-3258).

Please refer to this map of testing locations in the area, should you require COVID-19 Testing.

Free COVID-19 Testing in Pittsburgh:
Visit the Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD) for more information on COVID-19 testing.

Free at Home COVID-19 Tests:
Visit https://www.covidtests.gov/ to order 4 free at-home COVID-19 testing kits.

COVID-19 Vaccine:

All Pennsylvanians age 5 and older are now able to get a COVID-19 vaccination, and everyone age 12 and older are eligible for a booster shot.
Allegheny County Health Department COVID-19 vaccine appointment portal - https://vax4.alleghenycounty.us/patient/s/

UMPC COVID-19 vaccine appointment portal - https://vaccine.upmc.com/

Information on how to prepare for your COVID-19 vaccination - https://www.health.pa.gov/topics/disease/coronavirus/Vaccine/Pages/Prepare.aspx

Find vaccination locations near you - https://www.vaccines.gov/

Graphic announcing that all adults in Pennsylvania are now eligible for the COVID vaccine.

More information available here - https://www.health.pa.gov/topics/disease/coronavirus/Vaccine/Pages/Vaccine.aspx

  • Complaints regarding establishments that are violating the Health Department order may be sent to the department after 5 PM on June 30, 2020, through the webform, email (COVIDcomplaints@alleghenycounty.us), or by calling the Information Center at 412-350-INFO (412-350-4636).

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines: 

As of May 29, 2020, Governor Tom Wolf announced that Allegheny County would move into the green phase on Friday, June 5. On June 28 as a response to the sudden increase in COVID-19 cases the Allegheny County Health Department announced the closure of bars serving alcohol on site. On November 18 due to the drastic increases in COVID-19 cases, the Allegheny County Health Department issued a Stay at Home Advisory. Residents are ordered to remain in their homes unless travel is required for essential goods & services. On December 10 due to the drastic increases in COVID-19 cases, Governor Tom Wolf issued a Limited-Time Mitigation Order from December 12 - January 4, 2021. Effective April 4, 2021, Gov. Wolf and Acting Secretary of Health Alison Beam announced the lifting of some targeted restrictions on restaurants and other businesses.

These changes along with PA's reopening guidelines and other important resources are highlighted below:

Pittsburgh Regional Alliance: ReadyPittsburgh - Email readypittsburgh@pittsburghregion.org for more information.
The Pittsburgh Regional Alliance has provided information to help with Pittsburgh's Reopening through its ReadyPittsburgh website. ReadyPittsburgh contains information on Preparing for Return, Readying Your Workplace, and Helping Your Workforce.

Finding a Protective Mask in Pittsburgh:
If you need protective masks to safely conduct yourself in public, here are some options in the Pittsburgh area.

Ways to Help! 

If you’re like us on the District 8 team, you might be feeling the need to do more to help out your neighbors, community members, and first responders. Our office has compiled a list of ways (with the help of the list provided by the United Way) to help and give back during this unprecedented time. Please let us know if there’s anything we’ve missed and we can add it! As always, never hesitate to contact our office at 412-255-2133 or district8@pittsburghpa.gov.

  • How Can You Support Both Local Business & Neighbors in Need? 412 Food Rescue is a non-profit organization that helps provide food to those that are facing food insecurity. Through volunteers, donations, and partnerships with local businesses, 412 Food Rescue works to reduce food waste and help feed our neighbors in need. Please consider donating or volunteering today!
  • How Can You Continue to Support Local Business? Buy a gift card to show your support!
    The Oakland Business Improvement District (OBID) has created a list of businesses that are selling gift cards. Please consider purchasing a gift card and supporting local businesses!
  • How Can You Continue to Support Oakland Business? *NEW* Shop2Help Today!
    Many of your favorite Oakland businesses are offering gift cards with an extra 40% bonus incentive. Continue to support local businesses! 
  • How Can You Show Loyalty to your Favorite Businesses? Honeycomb Credit has launched a new Loyalty Bond Program that allows you to buy gift cards that will give you more bang for your buck than a traditional gift card while also ensuring that you frequent the restaurant of your choice for at least 2 years providing valued support to our businesses.
  • How Can You Help? A list of different ways to provide helpful services to our neighbors in need
  • How Can You Give Back? Give Big Pittsburgh COVID-19 Response Campaign
    Pittsburgh Magazine will be launching its Give Big Pittsburgh campaign to support local non-profits that enrich our communities. More information available here.

Financial Resources: 

  • Allegheny County Emergency Rental Assistance Program: *NEW* Allegheny County Emergency Rental Assistance - (412) 248-0021
    The Allegheny County Department of Human Services (ACDHS) will be working to provide financial assistance to renters that are struggling due to COVID-19. Applicants for the program must have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic - including provable loss of income or employment, COVID-related increases in expenses such as medical bills or care of a household member, or the inability to get back to work for those laid off prior to March 2020. There are 7 drop-in locations for those that are unable to complete the application online or over the phone.
    This program will distribute the nearly $80 million in federal funding awarded to the county and the city of Pittsburgh.
  • PA Housing Finance Agency: The CARES Pandemic Mortgage Assistance Program (PMAP) - (855) 827-3466
    The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA)  will be working to provide financial assistance to struggling renters and homeowners. These funds have been allocated through the Federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, passed in March 2020, provided $3.9 billion for Pennsylvania and is intended to help people hurt economically during the pandemic. In late May, the General Assembly directed $175 million of these CARES dollars to PHFA The portion for mortgage assistance is $25 million.
  • PA Housing Finance Agency: The CARES Rent Relief Program (RRP) - (855) 827-3466
    The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA)  will be working to provide financial assistance to struggling renters and homeowners. These funds have been allocated through the Federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, passed in March 2020, provided $3.9 billion for Pennsylvania and is intended to help people hurt economically during the pandemic. In late May, the General Assembly directed $175 million of these CARES dollars to PHFA The portion for rent assistance is at least $150 million.
  • Unemployment Compensation Benefits: You may be eligible for unemployment if your employer temporarily closes or goes out of business, cuts your work hours, tells you not to work due to risk of COVID-19, or if you have been quarantined/self-isolated. Contact: uchelp@pa.gov or click here: https://www.uc.pa.gov/unemployment-benefits/file/Pages/File%20an%20Initial%20Claim.aspx 
  • URA's COVID-19 Housing Stabilization Fund: Households at or below 80% Area Median Income (AMI) who have been affected by the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic are eligible to apply for rental, utility, and mortgage payment assistance. Click Here for More Info 
  • Pittsburgh's Financial Empowerment Center is offering free financial counseling remotely. Call 1-800-298-0237 or use this form to schedule an appointment

Small Business Resources: 

  • PA COVID-19 Hospitality Industry Recovery Program (CHIRP): *NEW* PA COVID-19 Hospitality Industry Recovery Program - (412) 350-1000
    On February 5, 2021, Governor Wolf signed into law Senate Bill 109 allocating $145 million to support the newly created COVID-19 Hospitality Industry Recovery Program (CHIRP). Under this new program, restaurants, bars, and others in the hospitality industry that have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic can apply for grants up to $50,000. Grant funds are intended to alleviate revenue losses and pay eligible operating expenses due to the pandemic.
    This program will distribute the nearly $80 million in federal funding awarded to the county and the city of Pittsburgh.

  • DoorDash Main Street Strong Program *No Longer Accepting Applications*: Main Street Strong Program - (412) 482-3342
    DoorDash is offering up to $130,000 to local restaurants within the City of Pittsburgh. Applicants will be able to receive up to $5,000 in grant funds.
    Application - doordash.helloalice.com/

  • Trib Total Media Shop Local Marketing Grant 2021: Shop Local Marketing Grant 2021 - (800) 909-8742
    Trib Total Media is offering to match small businesses' advertising costs with a grant of up to $!0,000 per month
    Application - https://mediakit.triblive.com/shop-local-marketing-grant/

  • Allegheny County's COVID-19 EDA-RLF: COVID-19 EDA-RLF Program - (412) 482-3342
    Allegheny County is providing the COVID-19 Economic Disaster Assistance - Rolling Loan Fund Program to Small Businesses at 0% interest, offering up to $50,000 for businesses affected by COVID-19.
    Application - https://mcusercontent.com/417f8e0f0def58cc3a19ec4a5/files/643cdc1e-0992-4510-823c-e5cba3fd1c54/EDA_RLF_Loan_App.pdf?mc_cid=30aa773bf3&mc_eid=5cf1a76871
    Personal Financial Statement - https://mcusercontent.com/417f8e0f0def58cc3a19ec4a5/files/142cf9f7-b380-45d6-99bd-cc95c654a0d3/Personal_Financial_Statementpdf.pdf?mc_cid=30aa773bf3&mc_eid=5cf1a76871
    Please submit your completed documentation to Mark Conner, Business Development Coordinator, Email: Mark.Conner@AlleghenyCounty.US.

  • Axiom Advancement Corporation Grant Program:  2020 Axiom Grant Program - (412) 482-3342
    The  Axiom Advancement Corporation is offering relief to Small Businesses through their grant program offering up to $10,000 for businesses affected by COVID-19.
    For more information at https://ow.ly/ajaM50CB4Yr.

  • Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission COVID-19 Recovery Loan Program: SPC COVID-19 Recovery Loan Program - (412) 391-5590 
    The Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission's (SPC) COVID-19 Recovery Loan Program is a 0% interest rate loan for Small Businesses with no payments due for the first 6 months. This loan program is limited, if you are interested please contact Steve Meredith, SPC's Business Finance Manager at smeredith@spcregion.org.
    For more information - https://www.spcregion.org/programs-services/business-assistance/?fbclid=IwAR1HgONIj0_V7mjwqQZHFSEUWIjhqBxJ1aWbRKfKLsfFQOircdh_OJmgHqI

  • URA's Commercial Rent Relief Matching Program: Urban Redevelopment Authority: Commercial Rent Relief Matching Program - (412) 255-6600 
    The Urban Redevelopment Authority created a Grant program to assist brick and mortar small business owners with up to $1,200 towards rental payments. This grant will be dispersed over the course of 3 months ($400/per month) or 6 months ($200/per month). The URA will pay for 50% of the reduction in rent with a minimum of $100 per month. For more information - https://www.ura.org/pages/commercial-rent-relief-matching-program
  • PA Dept. Of Community and Economic Development: COVID-19 Relief Pennsylvania Statewide Small Business Assistance - (855) 827-3466
    The Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) has been allocated $225 million of the $2.6 billion received by Pennsylvania through the Federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, passed in March. The COVID-19 Relief Pennsylvania Statewide Small Business Assistance program will provide grants ranging from $5,000 to $50,000 to small businesses that have been economically impacted by COVID-19. This is not a first-come, first-served program. There will be multiple rounds of application windows. All businesses must apply through an eligible  Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI). These grants must be used to cover: Operating Expenses, Technical Assistance, Training and Guidance, Debt Payment Relief for CDFI Pennsylvania borrowers, and Loan Loss Reserves for CDFIs.
  • U.S. Small Business Administration: *Re-opened*  Paycheck Protection Program - (800) 659-2955
    The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) resumed accepting applications on January 11, 2021. Applications will be accepted until March 31,  2021. 
  • Neighborhood Allies: *Re-Opened* Paycheck Protection Program Loans - (833) 572-0502
    Email paychekcprotection@neighborhoodallies.org for more information.
    Neighborhood Allies is available to help small businesses and nonprofits apply for forgivable loans through the Paycheck Protection Program provisions of the CARES Act. Entities and organizations are eligible for funding for up to 2½ months of payroll if they keep or bring back their employees during the loan period. However the program is first-come, first-served, and the money may run out quickly.
    URA's Recovery Loan Program *No Longer Accepting Applications*: Urban Redevelopment Authority: Recovery Loan Program - (412) 255-6600
    The Urban Redevelopment Authority created an emergency loan fund to provide small businesses with up to $75,000 in funds at 0% interest for the first year. This loan may be used for any expenses involved in the reopening of a business. If an owner has previously received federal small business funding, such as the Paycheck Protection Program, or Economic Injury Disaster Loan, this loan *CANNOT* be used for the same expenses. The business must: have been established prior to COVID-19, conducted business in the City of Pittsburgh 2 months prior to applying and have been in operation 6 months before March 1, 2020, and have fewer than 30 employees to apply.
  • Honeycomb:  Honeycomb Loyalty Bond Program
    Honeycomb is offering a way for businesses to smooth out cash flow without taking on a loan. A Honeycomb loyalty bond allows businesses to sell gift cards at a discounted rate right now and provides customers an incentive to continue visiting the business over the next couple of years.
  • Hebrew Free Loan Association: Coronavirus Financial Bridge Loan Program – (412) 422-8868
    The HFLA Bridge Loan can offer up to $5,000 to residents of Allegheny County affected by Coronavirus. This loan can be used by small business owners and residents.
  • Yelp: Relief for restaurants and bars impacted by the Coronavirus - (877) 767-9357
    Yelp has made up to $25 million available in relief funding for small, independently owned restaurants and nightlife businesses with fewer than 5 locations.
  • Bridgeway Capital: Loans for COVID-19 Response Fund - (412) 201-2450
    Bridgeway Capital has provided a flexible loan to help businesses in hard-hit industries such as food, accommodation, recreation, retail, manufacturing, construction, contracting, transportation, and childcare.
  • URA's COVID-19 Small Business Emergency Loan Fund (ELF) *No Longer Accepting Applications*: Urban Redevelopment Authority: COVID-19 Small Business Assistance Loan Program - (412) 255-6600
    The Urban Redevelopment Authority has created an emergency loan fund to provide small businesses with up to $15,000 in additional funds. This 0% interest loan may be used for rent, payroll, and other approved fixed monthly business expenses. *Must be an established business to apply. 
  • U.S. Small Business Administration: *Re-opened*  Coronavirus Relief Options - (800) 659-2955
    The SBA has provided options for COVID-19 Relief for small businesses.
  • Facebook *No Longer Accepting Applications*: Small Business Grants Program 
    Facebook has started a grant with $100 million in funds for small businesses with 2-50 employees that have been in operation for at least a year.
  • Bridgeway Capital *No Longer Accepting Applications*: Webinar Series on Marketing & E-Commerce - (412) 201-2450
    Bridgeway Capital has provided a series of webinars to address marketing, business strategy, e-commerce, and other useful topics for businesses at this time. 
  • Honeycomb: Honeycomb Crowdfunded Small Business Relief Loan
    Honeycomb is offering loans of up to $50,000 to small business owners. It is possible to receive more than $50,000 in funds upon evaluation. Due to COVID-19's market impact, Honeycomb is offering fee reductions and varying repayment plans to support business owners such as a 45-day payment free period and a six-month interest-only period. 
  • PA Dept. Of Community and Economic Development: Various Business Resources - (866) 466-3972  
  • Kiva:  Kiva U.S. Loan Program - (888) 479-5482 [Voicemail Only],  Use https://www.kiva.org/help?contactus=1 for faster response. 
    Kiva provides loans to small business owners in need. Kiva loans have no required credit score rating. It is possible to receive up to $15,000 in crowdsourced funds, and interest rates as low as 0%. Kiva loans are meant for business owners that may have difficulty obtaining financial assistance through other institutions.
  • University of Pittsburgh Small Business Development Center: COVID-19 Resources for Impacted Businesses - (412) 648-1542    
    In addition to consulting services, the University of Pittsburgh SBDC has created a resource list ranging from Federal, State, Local, ad private/public resources for small business owners.
  • Huntington Bank: Coronavirus Banking Resources - (724) 787-4058 
    Huntington is providing customers with up to 90 days of payment deferral, homeowner payment assistance, auto loan payment assistance, and many other resources to help those (business owners and individuals) impacted by COVID-19.  
  • Maiello Brungo & Maiello Attorneys at Law: Well-Rounded list of Information for COVID-19 Response - (412) 242-4400  
    This law office provides information to business owners in the form of government updates, information on changes to financial/economic laws due to COVID-19, and best practices.   
  • The International Council of Shopping Centers: has compiled a resources page intended to help property owners, landlords, and retailers prepare for and help prevent the potential spread of COVID-19. 
  • The Urban Land Institute: has collected links to resources relevant to those who own or manage real estate assets, and real estate-related businesses and workforces. 
  • The International Building Owners and Managers Association: has released a series of guidance documents to help property professionals navigate public health concerns regarding COVID-19.   

Food Resources: 

  • Pittsburgh Public Schools Grab & Go Meals: Pittsburgh Public Schools are providing Grab and Go meals across 30 regional sites. For a complete list, please visit Pittsburgh Public Schools. Meals will be distributed between 11:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. 
  • FREE Food Distribution Map: The Allegheny County of Human Services (DHS) has provided a map of Free Food Distribution Sites across Allegheny County for those in need.   
  • East End Cooperative Ministry’s Food Pantry:  Groceries are available to those who are in need through EECM’s food pantry program, open from 9:30 a.m. to 11:20 a.m. & 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. (Monday-Friday). Clients may visit the food pantry once a month at Entrance C of EECM’s building. https://www.eecm.org/communityfoodservices 
  • East End Cooperative Ministry’s Community Lunch: EECM’s daily community lunch from 12:15 p.m. to 12:45 p.m. (Monday-Friday) will be served as take-out only. Volunteers and staff will wear gloves and follow proper handling of take-out meals. Clients can pick up take-out bagged hot lunches and other food items at Entrance G of EECM’s building. https://www.eecm.org/communityfoodservices 

Child/Youth Resources: 

  • Free Monthly Books for Kids:  The City of Pittsburgh in partnership with Dolly Parton's Imagination Library is mailing books monthly to children of 5 years of age and younger. If you live in the CIty of Pittsburgh and have children 5 years old or under please register here for free books.
  • Babysitter Services: Email Tammy Thompson - tthompson@circlespgh.org 
    If you are in need of a babysitter in order to go to work, please contact Tammy Thompson with CirclesPGH. Please provide the following:
                               1. The number of children in need of care.
                               2. Age of children.
                               3. The timeframe you require care for (i.e. 9 a.m.-5 p.m., etc.).
                               4. Name of your employer.
                               5. Your place of residence.
  • Infant Supplies: Diaper Give Aways - (412) 771-1008
    The Zellous Hope & Diaper Bank is providing diapers for parents in the following zip codes: 
                       15136, 15204, 15205, 15211, 15216, and 15220.
  • 412 Youth Zone: Auberle Organization - (412) 673-5800
    Auberle maintains the 412 Youth Zone, a safe and welcoming one-stop center for young people ages 16-23 that are transferring out of the foster care system and are eligible for independent living services or are experiencing unstable housing.
  • Laptops for Kids: Computer Reachinfo@computerreach.org
    Computer Reach is partnering with Neighborhood Allies, and the University of Pittsburgh to quickly refurbish and release Dell i5 laptops. Due to the volume of demand, at this stage, ComputerReach is working with local non-profit organizations ONLY to identify individual families and distribute laptops accordingly. Individual requests *cannot* be accommodated. Further, if your families are enrolled at Pittsburgh Public Schools, please wait for distribution through your child's school.
    Each laptop has been fitted with a new hard drive, new 90watt charger, Linux software, and is quality tested and cleaned. The laptops will be ready by the last week in April.

Older Adult Resources: 

  • Meals On Wheels of Greater Pittsburgh: Meal delivery for Older Adults. You must first call the Allegheny County Senior Line to determine your eligibility and get your meals started. This is your single point of entry. Be prepared to complete a short assessment over the phone,  (412) 350-5460 or (412) 350-4234 (after hours, weekends, and holidays). 
  • City Healthy Active Living (Senior) Centers Free Meal Locations: Senior Center alternative meals will be provided to those seniors who are currently registered for normal congregant meal service. Pre-packaged meals will be available for take-out only and will be served between 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at one of these City Healthy Active Living (Senior) Centers.
  • Virtual Senior Academy: These are interactive virtual group classes on a variety of topics offered for Seniors and Older Adults on an easy to use platform. No prior computer experience needed and all people need is access to a computer with the internet and a webcam. https://virtualsenioracademy.org/ 

ADA Resources: 

  • U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission:  What You Should Know About COVID-19 and the ADA, the Rehabilitation Act, and Other EEO Laws - (800) 669-4000  
    The EEOC has created a list of information to keep in mind during COVID-19. Issues such as employer information requests, medical examination requests, and requirements for designating workers to conduct business remotely.   
  • U.S. Department of Labor: Coronavirus Resources - (866) 487-2365
    The U.S. Department of Labor has provided information on workplace safety, wage issues, Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), unemployment insurance, and other issues related to employment. 
  • The Administration for Community Living: What People with Disabilities and Older Adults Need to Know About Coronavirus - (202) 401-4634 [General Line], (800) 677-1116 [Call to find Local Resources]
    The ACL has provided a guide on how to keep yourself and others safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

College Student Resources: 

Please be advised that all Federal Student Loan Debt (Interest & Principal) will be frozen until September 30, 2020.

  • Pittsburgh Student Aid Spreadsheet: This has been organized to serve the needs of college students in Pittsburgh. Students are welcome to both request resources and list themselves as resources on the new sheet.  
  • Student Emergency Assistance Fund: This has been organized by the Office of the Provost, Office of Philanthropic & Alumni Engagement, Student Government Board, the Graduate & Professional Student Government, and the Division of Student Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh. Students can apply for a grant from the fund to cover expenses such as medical necessities, food insecurity, and unexpected travel expenses. The maximum allocations request that can be made by a student is $600. Click here for more information.

Mental Health & Wellness Resource: 

  • Pennsylvania Department of Human Services: Mental Health Support - (855) 284-2494, (724) 631-5600 [TTY Line]
    The DHS is providing a hotline for those in need of mental health support. The lines will be staffed 24/7. 
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 24/7 support for those seeking help - (800) 273-8255, Línea Nacional de Prevención del Suicidio: Soporte 24/7 para quienes buscan ayuda - (888) 628-9454
    A hotline available for those in the midst of a self-harm crisis.
    Una línea directa disponible para aquellos en medio de una crisis de autolesión.
  • Crisis Text Line: Text “PA” to 741-741
  • Veteran Crisis Line: (800) 273 8225
  • For resources to help you cope with, prepare for, and/or prevent a crisis please visit the National Alliance on Mental Illness

Fun Virtual Activities! 

  • Grant Street Reading Series: *NEW* Mayor Bill Peduto and Department of Public Safety staff will be reading children's stories weekly. Mayor Peduto's readings will occur on Mondays & Fridays at 7 p.m. on the Mayor's Facebook page. Public Safety personnel will be reading stories on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. on the Public Safety Department Facebook page. These readings can be found on the City of Pittsburgh's YouTube pageMore information available here.
  • Imagination Library: *NEW* The City of Pittsburgh in partnership with Dolly Parton's Imagination Library is mailing books monthly to children of 5 years of age and younger. If you live in the CIty of Pittsburgh and have children 5 years old or under please register here for free books.
  • Harris Theater @ Home: *NEW* Harris Theater @ Home presents the New York International Children's Film Festival, available for live streaming until May 17. This event will feature the world's top short films for children. More information available here.
  • CSC's Three Things: *NEW* The Carnegie Science Center will be posting a roundup of science-related materials to watch, read, and do each day at 8 a.m. on Facebook & Twitter. More information available here.
  • Stay at Home Fest: *NEW* Fight for the Future is hosting online performances/ social sessions to help people access entertainment during this time. Online festivities available here.
  • Pittsburgh Public Art Podcast: *NEW* The City of Pittsburgh's Art Commission is providing free podcasts featuring discussions on various public art projects in the City. Public Art Broadcasts available here.
  • Aquarium Live Cams: *NEW* The Monterey Bay Aquarium has created an online platform that allows viewers to see the activities of aquatic life live! Check out the happenings of our underwater friends here.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Site Visits: *NEW* The Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy will be hosting virtual visits of architectural sites created by the famed Frank Lloyd Wright each Thursday at 1 p.m. EST, until July 9. Tune in here.
  • Virtual Museum Tours: Museums all over the world are providing online exhibits and tours for free. Visit the Museé d’Orsay in Paris, The Frick here in Pittsburgh, and The MET in NYC all from your living room. Explore the museums here.
  • #JCCPGHVirtual: The Jewish Community Center is bringing people various programs VIRTUALLY! Check out their group exercise classes, personal trainers’ demos, and events and activities designed to connect and engage all ages. Click here
  • Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh: CLP has online resources – books, movies, music, and more. Download some today at CLP's website
  • Greener Together: Penn Environment has provided a resource for those seeking Green events, activities, and tips/guides. Follow this link to find out what green activities you can get involved in today!