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Councilman Khari Mosley

Councilman Khari Mosley

Our Neighborhoods

East Liberty

East Liberty is located east of Downtown and is surrounded by Highland Park, Garfield ,Larimer , Shadyside and Friendship. Once known as "Pittsburgh's second downtown," East Liberty has recently seen the rehabilitation of key structures in Penn Circle which create a promising future. The success of the Penn-Highland Building project, which created a new commercial/office building along with many jobs in the heart of the business district, is a milepost on the road to recovery. The facade improvement work has done much to encourage optimism, and the rehabilitation of the Regent Theater is also a move to improve East Liberty's image. Ongoing projects, including the Bakery Square developement are further revitilizing the community. Homes in East Liberty range from high-rise apartments to townhomes to century-old Victorians. A state-designated Enterprise Zone, East Liberty aims at retaining and developing its business concerns in a safe and profitable environment. The Penn Avenue business district is like a gemstone with many facets. Whether it is footwear, automotive supplies, hair styling, or ethnic foods that you are looking for, you can find it in East Liberty.


Homewood is located east of Downtown, and is surrounded by Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar, East Hills, North Point Breeze, and Larimer. Homewood is more than a place to live; it is a place to get involved. There are numerous social service and economic development agencies in Homewood, including the Salvation Army, YMCA, YWCA, Homewood Brushton Revitalization, Development Corporation and Operation Better Block, and Rosedale Block Cluster. Neighbors work together to solve problems and identify opportunities. The neighborhood is also home to Community College of Allegheny County-Homewood Campus and many thriving businesses. The Harambee Arts Cultural Festival is a highlight of the neighborhood's annual calendar. Homewood residents have access to the shopping and entertainment resources available in the neighboring suburban boroughs of Wilkinsburg and Penn Hills. City neighborhoods of East Liberty, Squirrel Hill, Shadyside, and Oakland can be reached in a short drive. These areas provide exciting opportunities for shopping, picnicking, touring museums, and participating in a variety of cultural events. Homewood is a neighborhood committed to improving the quality of life.

East Hills

East Hills is a neighborhood just like it sounds. Its hilly topography is nestled in the eastern-most part of the City and is adjacent to Homewood. East Hills is anchored by strong community groups which offer mentoring for the many children of all ages found there. These groups work on faith of a brighter future and are paid by the satisfaction they receive when they create a positive impact on a young person's life. You are also likely to find children in East Hills Park running, playing tag, and just having fun doing what children do! East Hills is also stabilized by its shopping district. It resembles a one-stop-shop, where you can find hardware, clothing, food, flowers, and medical service. It is only a few minutes away from residential areas in all directions.


Because of its convenient location, Larimer offers its residents a choice of cultural and recreational amenities. Highland Park (home to the Pittsburgh Zoo), tennis courts, and ballfields are very accessible. Larimer also has its own playground where youth play. Larimer is full with stately old "Pittsburgh Boxes" and frame-and-brick row homes. The neighborhood is served by active community groups that provide youth programming and address issues affecting the quality of life in the neighborhood.

Point Breeze North

Point Breeze North received its name from the Point Breeze Hotel, which was located along the Greensburg Turnpike during the early 1800s (now the intersection of Fifth and Penn Avenues). It is now surrounded by Point Breeze, Homewood, and Larimer. It is one of the first planned suburban developments in the U.S. North Point Breeze grew after the introduction of the trolley during the 1800s. McPherson and Thomas, the major streets, emulate classic French boulevards, with wide, divided roads, floral islands, and a mixture of apartments and mansions. The neighborhood remains as it was then: an area of distinctive and mixed historical styles, including stately Civil War row houses, 1920 villas, and Victorian gingerbread-esque homes. Westinghouse Park is the local green space and derived its name from the Westinghouse mansion that was in North Point Breeze at its beginnings. North Point Breeze has active residents who participate in block clubs and neighborhood associations for the overall advancement of their community.


Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar is located in the northeastern section of the City and spans the Allegheny River. Lincoln and Lemington were former neighborhoods in the northeastern section of the City. Bordered by Homewood to the south, Larimer and Highland Park to the west and Penn Hills to the east, it is an area hidden in the hills of the City. Belmar was a neighborhood atop a steep hill that overlooked the city on Tilden Street. Lincoln–Lemington–Belmar is generally subdivided at Lemington Ave into two parts, "Upper Lincoln" and "Lower Lincoln." The historic Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire houses #15 Engine houses in the Lincoln–Lemington–Belmar section of the City.


Friendship is a neighborhood of large Victorian houses in the East End of the City, about four miles (6 km) east of Pittsburgh's Golden Triangle. Friendship is bordered on the north by Garfield, on the east by East Liberty, on the south by Shadyside , and on the west by Bloomfield. It is divided into 3 Pittsburgh City Council Districts- District 7 , District 8, and District 9. Friendship has access to many local amenities and is well connected through Penn, Negley, and Centre avenues to the surrounding districts.


Garfield is a neighborhood in the east end of the City. Not far from the confluence of the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio Rivers at the City's heart, Garfieldt sits on a bluff above the Allegheny River. Garfield is bordered on the South by Bloomfield and Friendship at Penn Avenue, on the West by the Allegheny Cemetery, on the North by Stanton Heights, and on the East by East Liberty. Like many parts of Pittsburgh, Garfield is a fairly steep neighborhood, with north-south residential streets running at about a 20% incline from Penn Avenue at the bottom to Mossfield Street at the top. These hills are covered with residents that enjoy having access to all of pittsburgh via these main thoroughfares.