City Council Re-Apportionment Committee

The Council of the City of Pittsburgh, being elected by district, must every ten (10) years apportion the districts so that each contains approximately the same number of persons pursuant to the United States 2020 Census.  The criterion of equal size of elected representatives districts is generally understood to be a logical consequence of the Constitutional provision of one person, one vote, a principal derived from the equal protection clause of the Constitution of the United States.

Pittsburgh’s City Council reapportionment process in is governed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Constitution, as set forth as follows. 

Within the year following that in which the Federal decennial census is officially reported as required by Federal law, and at such other times as the governing body of any municipality shall deem necessary, each municipality having a governing body not entirely elected at large shall be reapportioned, by its governing body or as shall otherwise be provided by uniform law, into districts which shall be composed of compact and contiguous territory as nearly equal in population as practicable, for the purpose of describing the districts for those not elected at large.

The Pennsylvania State Legislature sets forth the statutory requirements the Council must adhere to at 53 Pa.C.S.A. 901 et seq. The four essential elements of reapportionment are as follows:

Districts shall be composed of [1] compact and [2] contiguous territory as nearly [3] equal in population as practicable, [4] as officially and finally reported in the most recent Federal census.

Additional commentary on the reapportionment process is noted in Pennsylvania’s Department of Community and Economic Development’s City Government in Pennsylvania Handbook as follows:

The amended local government article of the Pennsylvania Constitution, adopted by the voters in 1968, requires governing bodies elected by districts to realign their district lines after each decennial census. This procedure is set forth in the Municipal Reapportionment Act.  This Act applies to home rule cities because it is uniform and applicable in every part of the Commonwealth, it implements a specific constitutional mandate and it expressly includes home rule municipalities within its terms. This Act requires city council to reapportion districts from which members are elected in the year following the official report of any decennial or special federal census.  If the governing body fails to act, any one or more registered voters may petition the Court to realign the council districts. Any reapportionment plan approved by council may be appealed to the Court by a petition of at least 10 registered voters.


The Committee Meetings are scheduled as follows and are all closed meetings:

Tuesday, October 26th @ 4:00 pm

Thursday, November 4th @ 4:00 pm

Tuesday, November 16th @ 4:00 pm

Tuesday, December 7th @ 4:00 pm

Thursday, December 16th @ 4:00 pm


Committee Minutes

  • 10.12.21 - PDF
  • 10.26.21 - PDF
  • 11.04.21 - PDF
  • 11.16.21 - PDF