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311 Service Requests
Requests Received

So far in 2022, the City has received 56,562 requests, a 29.52% increase in 311 requests from this point in 2021.

Request Types

The City has received 285 different types of 311 requests so far this year.

Closed Requests

The City has closed 41,787 requests made to 311 this year, representing 73.88% of requests received this year.

Top Fifty 311 Request Types20222021% Changes from 2021 to 2022
Snow/Ice removal8693505771.90%
Missed Trash Pickup4033294636.90%
Missed Recycling Pickup1826768137.76%
Abandoned Vehicle (on street)13191941-32.05%
Refuse Violations130912415.48%
Illegal Parking130393239.81%
Building Maintenance11531190-3.11%
Blue Bin Containers945426121.83%
Early Set Out68846946.70%
City Property Issue67961710.05%
Street Light - Repair6666423.74%
Replace/Repair a Sign601745-19.33%
Excessive Noise/Disturbances563581-3.10%
Paving Request510554-7.94%
Building Without a Permit4714338.78%
Street Cleaning/Sweeping47135931.20%
Mayor's Office453177155.93%
Broken Sidewalk45235029.14%
Sidewalk Ice or Litter4354106.10%
Illegal Dumping4224180.96%
SPIN (Stand Up) Scooters4220INF%
Pruning (city tree)366481-23.91%
Utility Cut - Other35928525.96%
Rodent control3503412.64%
Dead Animal347367-5.45%
Schedule Request322116177.59%
Traffic or Pedestrian Signal, Repair31825126.69%
Catch Basin, Clogged3122878.71%
Litter Can, Public298398-25.13%
Request New Sign294296-0.68%
Park Shelter27113994.96%
Tree Issues261280-6.79%
Sidewalk, Lack of Snow/Ice Removal24116050.62%
City Cuts Concern239211850.00%
Traffic Enforcement23117631.25%
Utility Cut - PWSA209308-32.14%
Tree Removal190259-26.64%
Construction Site Maintenance18414427.78%
Graffiti, Documentation182330-44.85%
Drug Enforcement181279-35.13%
Blocked or Closed Sidewalks179182-1.65%

14,777 requests have been made through the city's website (, 26.13% of requests made in 2022.

myBurgh App

3,430 requests have been made through the myBurgh App, 6.06% of requests made in 2022.


912 requests have been made through Twitter, 1.61% of requests made in 2022.

Call Center

36,042 requests have been made through Call Center, 63.72% of requests made in 2022.

Have a 311 service request? Please visit the 311 section of the city website by clicking the button below using your preferred device.

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