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311 Service Requests
Requests Received

So far in 2022, the City has received 5,963 requests, a 187.65% increase in 311 requests from this point in 2021.

Request Types

The City has received 204 different types of 311 requests so far this year.

Closed Requests

The City has closed 2,181 requests made to 311 this year, representing 36.58% of requests received this year.

Top Fifty 311 Request Types20222021% Changes from 2021 to 2022
Snow/Ice removal3196833750.60%
Missed Trash Pickup33017687.50%
Refuse Violations1889989.90%
Missed Recycling Pickup17965175.38%
Abandoned Vehicle (on street)91137-33.58%
Illegal Parking855651.79%
Schedule Request808900.00%
Mayor's Office769744.44%
Street Light - Repair7173-2.74%
Blue Bin Containers6312425.00%
Salt Box5022400.00%
Building Maintenance4565-30.77%
Early Set Out432853.57%
SPIN (Stand Up) Scooters43-new-
Excessive Noise/Disturbances423616.67%
Sidewalk Ice or Litter347385.71%
Water Main Break301957.89%
Building Without a Permit2730-10.00%
Public Works Department244500.00%
Broken Sidewalk2311109.09%
Illegal Dumping2143-51.16%
Police Department214425.00%
Replace/Repair a Sign2160-65.00%
Catch Basin, Clogged191172.73%
Commercial Refuse/Dumpsters189100.00%
City Facility1811700.00%
Graffiti, Documentation1740-57.50%
Request New Sign156150.00%
Barking Dog157114.29%
Dead Animal1518-16.67%
Utility Cut - Other141040.00%
Thank You - Police130INF%
Thank you - DPW133333.33%
Dumping, Private Property1232-62.50%
Leaves/Street Cleaning12120.00%
Blocked or Closed Sidewalks12771.43%
Traffic or Pedestrian Signal, Repair11837.50%
Boat/Trailer on Street1117-35.29%
Americans with Disabilities110INF%
Pruning (city tree)1114-21.43%
Vacant Building1112-8.33%

1,810 requests have been made through the city's website (, 30.35% of requests made in 2022.

myBurgh App

345 requests have been made through the myBurgh App, 5.79% of requests made in 2022.


94 requests have been made through Twitter, 1.58% of requests made in 2022.

Call Center

3,617 requests have been made through Call Center, 60.66% of requests made in 2022.

Have a 311 service request? Please visit the 311 section of the city website by clicking the button below using your preferred device.

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