Architectural Inventory

The City of Pittsburgh Architectural Inventory Project is an on-going survey which identifies potential historic buildings within City neighborhoods. The surveys began in 2014 as a way to document existing architectural conditions within the City and serve as informational planning tools impacting land-use decisions regarding identified historic resources. Surveys use field data to evaluate and document properties with respect to historic patterns, building types, and themes within a neighborhood context. An example showing the various types of building attributes surveyed may be seen here: Architectural Survey Attribute Fields

As of 2021, the Architectural Inventory has surveyed approximately 13% of properties CIty-wide.

The Architectural Inventory Project for the City of Pittsburgh is made possible with funding provided by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.


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Neighborhood Completed Attachments
Brighton Heights May 2019 Report
Brookline September 2017  Report
Carrick October 2016 Report
Crawford Roberts Scheduled for 2024 Report
East Allegheny February 2016 Report
Hilltop September 2019  Report
Larimer September 2016 Report
Middle Hill District October 2019 Report
Oakland December 2020 Report
Troy Hill October 2014 Report
Upper Hill District February 2021 Report
West End & Elliott September 2018 Report


City Map of Historic Hill District


City Map of Historic Oakland