Planning Applications

Applications reviewed by the Department of City Planning are listed below. Any of these applications may be subject to one or more of the Planning Reviews, Public Notices and Public Hearings.


Zoning Development Review

Please review the Zoning & Development Review Application Checklist to determine the requirements and if an application is needed. 

Zoning Review is comprised of three levels:

  • Basic Zoning Review
  • Site Plan Review
  • Planning Commission Review

If filling out applications in person, use these applications for 1- and 2-Unit Residential Projects and for Commercial Projects and Signs. If applying online through OneStopPGH, all information will be entered in the system. 


Other Zoning Reviews


Other Forms and Applications


Before you begin, if your project includes any of the following:

  • $100,000 for Exterior Renovations on Commercial Building Permits 
  • Any new commercial structure or additions of 5,000 sq. ft. or greater
  • Any application with more than 20 parking spaces
  • Any Master Plan/Rezoning Application 
  • Any Historic Nomination
  • Any Zoning Protest Appeal
  • Any Advertising Sign Application 

… please complete a pre-application request first.