Carrick Artistic Intersection

The Public Art and Civic Design Division of the Department of City Planning and the Department of Public Works sought out proposals to create a high quality artist designed intersection at Brownsville and Parkfield Roads, in Carrick. This project was initiated by Councilwoman Natalia Rudiak from District Four. As planning took place regarding traffic improvements for this intersection, Councilwoman Rudiak and her staff became interested in intersection enhancements such as an artist designed crosswalk or artist designed intersection markings.

On March 12, 2017, a community public meeting was organized by the office of Councilwoman Rudiak and facilitated by the Department of City Planning and the Department of Public Works. Community participants were asked to identify their interests in regard to the identity of Carrick, their interests in regard to design aesthetics for the artwork, their interest in place making for this area of Carrick, and their thoughts regarding safety for this intersection. Additionally, the community was engaged in a discussion around which type of implementation to pursue — ultimately the artist designed intersection was selected rather than artist designed crosswalks.

The selection panel chose artist Guy Ruff.

Carrick Artistic Intersection Proposal