Farmers Markets

Farmers Market Stand

Farmers' markets are a great way for farmers to sell directly to customers. Farmers' markets typically run from March through the end of November and offer a wide variety of local products at good prices. The Food Bucks program, in partnership with Just Harvest, distributes a $2 voucher for fresh fruits and vegetables for every $5 of SNAP purchases at participating retail locations.  Since 2018, this program has provided over $50,000 for shoppers to buy fresh produce. 

The City of Pittsburgh operates 5 markets but there are over 25 markets in the City during the season. Buy fresh, buy local! Your support for our local farmers helps to strengthen our regional economy and makes Pittsburgh a more resilient city.

Several factors have led to Pittsburgh being incredibly well-positioned to maximize the impact of its farmers' markets. Pittsburgh is located in the middle of an abundant agricultural region, combined with strong city and regional pride and a robust network of food access organizations, and has allowed for farmers markets in the city to thrive for decades.


Strengthening Pittsburgh's Farmers Markets

In an effort to improve the markets that serve Pittsburgh residents, the City of Pittsburgh hired the Farmers Market Coalition to conduct a comprehensive analysis, titled Strengthening Pittsburgh’s Farmers Markets, of the farmers market system. This analysis included the seven markets that the City of Pittsburgh operates, as well as the 18 privately-operated marketed. The goal of the study was to understand the effectiveness of current markets throughout the city and develop a plan for growth that improves equitable access to fresh, affordable and culturally appropriate food, supports our regional food producers, and promotes healthy eating choices for all residents.

Based on findings from these initiatives, the City should build upon the existing conditions within the farmers market system to provide city services to support market operations; facilitate sustained, structured collaboration between farmers' markets and partners; and, position City managed farmers markets as exemplars of best practices. By creating the framework and foundation required to bolster market operations across Pittsburgh, the City will create the conditions required for markets to take on the work of bringing new vendors and customers into the market.

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