Development Activities Meetings


Purpose of the Meeting

To give citizens, property owners, business owners, and stakeholders an opportunity to learn about the proposals that affect them and resolve concerns at an early stage of the application process.



All applicants shall hold a Development Activities Meeting at least 30 days prior to the first public hearing. Development Activities Meetings shall be required for the following projects that require a Public Hearing at Art Commission, Historic Review Commission, Planning Commission or the Zoning Board of Adjustment, and meet one of the following project thresholds:

  • 2,400 sq. ft. of new or expanded structure
  • 4+ new residential units
  • New or enlarged parking area with 10+ stalls
  • Use Variances
  • Zoning Map Amendments
  • Project Development Plans
  • Planned Developments - PDP
  • Planned Developments - FLDP
  • Master Development Plans
  • Institutional Master Plans
  • An application to Historic Review Commission
  • An application to Art Commission


How to Schedule a Development Activities Meeting

Prior to filing a Zoning & Development Review Application, applicants must coordinate with the applicable RCO and Neighborhood Planner to schedule a time and date for the public meeting to discuss the applicant’s proposal. Please contact Stephanie Joy Everett at and the Neighborhood Planner to initiate scheduling. Neighborhood Planner contract information is available here.


Notice of Meeting

To submit an application, the applicant shall provide the date, time and location of the neighborhood meeting. The applicable RCO(s), using methods from their communication strategy, will notify the residents, property owners, business owners, and other stakeholders of the time, date and location of the Development Activities Meeting at least 10 days prior to the Development Activities Meeting. This notice should include:

  • The substance and location of the proposal.
  • The meeting date and time. 
  • Where the Zoom link will be posted (the City Planning DAM website under Upcoming Development Activities Meetings) and that the link will be posted one day prior to the meeting.  


Notice Resource for RCOs 

Downloadable template images are available to facilitate RCOs in advertising the DAM via social media and email.  Suggested text to also include would be: 

[NAME OF RCO] is hosting a Development Activities Meeting on [DATE] at [TIME]. This meeting will be hosted on Zoom. Information to join the meeting will be posted on the day before the meeting.  Projects discussed at this meeting will be: [LIST ALL PROJECTS ON THE AGENDA].  

Attach provided graphic or graphic of your own if desired.


Upcoming Development Activities Meetings

Neighborhood Meeting Date Project Parcel Number Zoning & Development Review Application Number Zoom Information
Squirrel Hill Monday, December 7, 2021 at 7 p.m. 1163 Murray Hill Avenue Occupancy Change 85-K-00225 DCP-ZDR-2021-13047


Webinar ID: 819 7975 4322 Passcode: 858825

Oakland Monday, November 29, 2021 at 6 p.m. Oakland Public Realm District, Subdistrict Multiple N/A, Council Bill 2021-1906

Join us live online at 6pm via Zoom at (meeting id: 827 5843 9955, passcode: 567135) OR Facebook Live at
Can’t access the internet? Follow along by phone 1.646.558.8656. Please contact Andrea at 412.621.3821 x217 or to request a paper copy of the presentation.

Oakland Tuesday, November 30, 2021 at 6 p.m. UPMC Presbyterian Bed Tower 28-B-256 DCP-ZDR-2021-12955

Join us live online at 6pm via Zoom at (meeting id: 872 5379 1820, passcode: 574373) OR Facebook Live at
Can’t access the internet? Follow along by phone 1.646.558.8656. Please contact Andrea at 412.621.3821 x217 or to request a paper copy of the presentation.

Hill District (Crawford-Roberts) Thursday, November 18th, 6 p.m. 346 Miller Street 2-D-317 DCP-ZDR-2021-05681

Zoom Info: Meeting ID: 835 2718 8930 Passcode: 361378

Hill District (Crawford-Roberts) Thursday, November 18th, 6 p.m. Letsche School Redevelopment 9-R-163-167, 172, 182, 186, 187  

Zoom Info: Meeting ID: 835 2718 8930 Passcode: 361378

Downtown Monday, November 15, 2021, 5:00 p.m. 300 block of Forbes Ave – proposed small-cell wireless antenna installations Public Right-of-Way N/A

Zoom information: or PHONE +1 301 715 8592 with Webinar ID: 872 0688 9241

Friendship Tuesday, November 9, 2021, 6:30 p.m.  5472 Penn Ave – proposed expansion of Pittsburgh Glass Center 50-S-26, 50-S-27, 50-S-29, 83-N-264 DCP-ZDR-2021-10611

Zoom info: or PHONE +1 301 715 8592 with Webinar ID: 871 9194 4501

Oakland Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021, 6:00 p.m. PWSA Lawn and Ophelia Stormwater Project, 21 Lawn Street 28-N-4 DCP-ZDR-2021-05009

Zoom info: (meeting id: 891 2241 1529, passcode: 058120)

OR Facebook Live at

OR Phone 1.646.558.8656.

Oakland, Squirrel Hill Tuesday, October 26, 2021 at 6:00pm Carnegie Mellon University Institutional Master Plan Multiple None Yet

Zoom Link:

or PHONE: +1 301 715 8592 with Webinar ID: 824 0369 0712



Development Activity Meetings Staff Reports

Neighborhood Date Project Report Parcel Number Zoning & Development Review Application Number
Beechview February 24, 2020 Beechview Parklet Memorial Report 62-A-146  
Bloomfield May 13, 2021 4808 Baum Blvd Report 51-N-133 DCP-ZDR-2021-02959
Bloomfield December 3, 2020 4731 Juniper St Report 26-H-141 DCP-ZDR-2020-09800
Bloomfield September 4, 2019 West Penn Hospital Institutional Master Plan Report 51-A-241, 295, 303, 305, 306, 307; 51-B-12, 14, 15-A, 15-B, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22-A, 22-B, 23, 24, 25, 36; 51-F-192  
Carrick January 21, 2021 0 Amanda St Continued Use as Garage Report 60-G-284 DCP-ZDR-2020-09849
Carrick November 23, 2020 Coen Market renovation Report 60-N-115 DCP-ZDR-2019-08067
Carrick July 15, 2019 Dollar General Report 94-J-196  
Downtown July 8, 2021 Smithfield Street Redevelopment – 633, 635, 639, & 641 Smithfield Street Report 2-A-43, 2-A-44, 2-A-46, 2-A-47 DCP-ZDR-2021-05256
Downtown June 10, 2021 Dollar Bank High Wall Signage – 20 Stanwix Street Report 1-G-235 DCP-ZDR-2021-06780
Downtown May 13, 2021 Benedum Center exterior renovations – 237 7th St Report 1-D-57 DCP-ZDR-2021-01197
Downtown May 13, 2021 Heinz Hall Exterior Renovations – 600 Penn Ave Report 1-D-32 DCP-ZDR-2021-04099
Downtown April 8, 2021 429 Fourth Avenue Report 2-E-128 DCP-ZDR-2021-02021
Downtown February 11, 2021 305 Wood St, YWCA Adaptive Reuse Report 1-H-139, 1-H-140 DCP-PRE-2021-00016
Downtown February 11, 2021 725 Penn Ave, McNally Building Report 8-S-155 DCP-ZDR-2021-00242
Downtown January 14, 2021 821 Liberty Avenue Exterior Security Cameras Report 9-N-65 DCP-ZDR-2020-11374
Downtown January 14, 2021 921 Penn Avenue (Penn Garrison Lofts) Renovation Report 9-N-154 DCP-ZDR-2021-00044
Downtown November 12, 2020 625 Stanwix Apartment Unit Addition Report Unknown  
Downtown November 12, 2020 1001 Liberty Avenue New High Wall Sign Report Unknown  
Downtown November 12, 2020 Kaufmann’s Grand on Fifth First Floor Renovations for Target Report Unknown  
Downtown November 12, 2020 625 Stanwix Apartment Unit Addition Report Unknown  
Downtown September 4, 2019 909 Liberty Ave. Report 9-N-59  
Downtown October 3, 2019 439 Wood St. Report 1-H-240  
Downtown October 3, 2019 915 Liberty Ave. Report 9-N-58  
Downtown November 21, 2019 610 Wood St. Report 2-A-15  
Downtown January 3, 2020 Alcoa Building Report 2-A-240, 240-A, 240-B  
Downtown January 22, 2020 9th and Penn Garage Report   DCP-ZDR-2020-00021
Downtown January 22, 2020 Demo of 823 Penn Ave Report    
Downtown February 18, 2020 Oxford Centre High Wall Sign Report 2-J-104 DCP-ZDR-2020-00910
Downtown June 8, 2020 ONC Firstside Entry Replacement Report    
Downtown June 8, 2020 LA Fitness Signage Report    
Downtown June 8, 2020 Aither Yoga Exterior Renovations Report    
Downtown June 8, 2020 Downtown Library Exterior Improvements Report    
Downtown July 9, 2020 Prosphire Signage Project Report 01-H-073  
Downtown July 9, 2020 PNC One Lobby Renovations/Curtain Wall Report 01-D-257  
Downtown July 9, 2020 Signage for Bernstein Burkley Report 02-A-308  
Downtown August 13, 2020 908 Penn Ave. Residential Unit Addition Report 9-N-94 DCP-ZDR-2020-07478
Downtown September 10, 2020 20 Stanwix Ave. Report 1-G-235 DCP-ZDR-2020-09567
Downtown September 10, 2020 926 Liberty Ave. Report 9-N-1  
Downtown October 8, 2020 Allegheny Building Residential Conversion Report 2-E-255 DCP-ZDR-2020-05367
Downtown October 8, 2020 100 Stanwix St. Business ID Sign Report 1-G-193 DCP-ZDR-2020-05318
Downtown October 8, 2020 Maginn Lofts Window Replacement Report 9-N-58 DCP-ZDR-2020-09969 and DCP-ZDR-2020-10723
Downtown October 8, 2020 Fifth Avenue Place Entrance and Exterior Renovations Report 1-D-12, 1-D-13 DCP-ZDR-2019-06193
East Hills June 17, 2021 Bricelyn St Green Infrastructure Community Parklet (Dornbush & Bricelyn) Report 231-N-70, 231-N-71 DCP-ZDR-2021-02708
Friendship May 27, 2021 Asphalt Art Project at Baum Grove Report N/A N/A
Friendship November 4, 2019 5226 Penn Ave Report 5-R-284  
Garfield February 3, 2021 Environmental Charter School Field Site Improvements (5525 Columbo St) Report 3-E-116 DCP-ZDR-2020-13392
Garfield September 17, 2019 5111-5113 Penn Avenue Report 50-K-347, 348, 349  
Hazelwood October 12, 2021 Hazelwood Green Zoning & PLDP Amendments Report District-Wide (PLDP Parcels 1-67) DCP-MPZC-2021-01314
Hazelwood September 14, 2021 Hazelwood Green RIDC Parcel K-2 Site Report 55-J-118 DCP-ZDR-2021-04973
Hazelwood June 8, 2021 RIDC Mill 19C Report 55-J-114-C DCP-ZDR-2021-04751
Hazelwood June 8, 2021 DeLoJe Addition Report 56-f-351 DCP-ZDR-2021-04163
Highland Park May 20, 2021 Highland Park Super Playground – Reservoir Dr Report 82-H-1-0-2 N/A
Highland Park August 20, 2020 925 Mellon St Ground-Floor Apartment Conversion Report 82-R-25 DCP-ZDR-2020-05080
Hill District (Middle Hill) August 12, 2021 Big Tom's Barbershop (2178 Centre Avenue) Report 10-P-113B DCP-ZDR-2020-8436
Hill District (Middle Hill) August 12, 2021 New Granada Building and Apartments Report 10-N-260 & 10-N-261, 10-N-255, 10-N-257, 10-N-258, 10-N-258-A, 10-N-259 19-SPR-00045
Hill District (Terrace Village) August 12, 2021 Rose Street Townhomes Report 10-P-186 DCP-ZDR-2021-01042
Hill District April 29, 2021 University of Pittsburgh Chiller Plant Report 27-J-202 DCP-ZDR-2020-03501
Hill District March 4, 2021 Grayson Center Parking Lot Report 9-S-254-0-2 DCP-ZDR-2020-13475
Hill District January 21, 2020 New Granada Apartments Report 10-N-267,268, 269, 270, 273, 274, 278, 279, 280, 282, 283, 289, 290  
Homewood February 16, 2021 Homewood Walk of Fame Homewood Heroes, Homewood Ave. Report Unknown Unknown
Homewood November 17, 2020 Bible Center at 717 Homewood Report Unknown Unknown
Homewood May 26, 2020 7449 Frankstown Report 174-L-46 DCP-ZDR-2020-03081
Larimer May 6, 2021 6550 Hamilton Avenue Report 125-E-170 DCP-ZDR-2021-01620
Larimer February 4, 2021 Steel City Squash Proposed Zone Change (600 block of Larimer Ave) Report 124-J-350, 124-J-355, 124-J-358, 124-K-65, 124-K-66, 124-K-68, 124-K-69, 124-K-71, 124-K-72, 124-K-73, 124-K-74, 124-K-75, 124-K-76, 124-K-77, 124-K-78, 124-K-78-A, 124-K-78-B, 124-K-123, 124-K-123-A, 124-K-124, 124-K-127, 124-K-128, 124-K-130, 124-K-131, 124-K-132, 124-K-133, 124-K-147, 124-K-149 DCP-MPZC-2020-01245
Larimer September 5, 2019 Bakery Square Development Report    
Larimer January 7, 2020 Silverio Hoffman Fitness Report 144 Julius Street DCP-ZDR-2019-08380
Larimer February 6, 2020 2020 Bakery Square Refresh Report 84-M-108 DCP-ZDR-2019-01876
Lower Hill March 15, 2021 Bedford Ave and Washington Pl (former Civic Arena site) Report 2-C-401 DCP-ZDR-2021-00265
Marshall-Shadeland September 7, 2021 3178 McClure Avenue Report 75-S-126 DCP-ZDR-2021-05087
Marshall-Shadeland March 2, 2021 Alcosan, 3300 Preble Avenue Report 75-E-2 and 75-E-60 DCP-ZDR-2020-09488
Marshall-Shadeland October 6, 2020 3300 Preble Ave. Report 75-K-060 DCP-ZDR-2020-03970
Mount Washington October 19, 2021 DPW Salt Shed at 940 Saw Mill Run Boulevard Report 5-L-207 Unknown
Mount Washington July 20, 2021 Monongahela Lower Incline Station Renovations Report 4-C-63 DCP-ZDR-2021-04580
Mount Washington July 15, 2021 Olympia Park Shelter Renovations Report N/A Unknown
Oakland August 9, 2021 Special Exception for 3342 Fifth Avenue project Report 28-E-19 DCP-ZDR-2021-10127
Oakland August 9, 2021 Demolition of 107-111 Halket Street Townhomes Report 28-F-67, 28-F-68, 28-F-69 DCP-ZDR-2021-06288
Oakland June 24, 2021 Bates Street Rowhouses Demolition 3400 block of Bates Street Report 28-R-353, 28-R-354, 28-R-355, 28-R-356, 28-R-357, 28-R-358, 28-R-359, 28-R-360, 28-R-361, 28-R-362, 28-L-5, 28-L-7 DCP-ZDR-2021-06286
Oakland June 21, 2021 Croatian Fraternal Union Building Redevelopment – 3441 Forbes Avenue Report 28-F-172 DCP-ZDR-2021-03476
Oakland April 27, 2021 University of Pittsburgh ADA Ramp Report 27-L-86-0-1 N/A
Oakland April 27, 2021 Lumen Technology Signage Report 29-F-29, 29-F-90 DCP-ZDR-2021-03743, DCP-ZDR-2020-13267
Oakland April 27, 2021 The Julian apartments – 419 Melwood Ave Report 26-S-135 DCP-ZDR-2021-02539
Oakland December 21, 2020 1915 Forbes Avenue Demolition Report 11-J-42 DCP-ZDR-2020-11754
Oakland December 15, 2020 3500 Forbes Ave Mixed-Use Housing Development Report 28-F-322, 28-F-330, 28-F-354, 28-F-356, 28-F-360 DCP-ZDR-2020-09427
Oakland November 24, 2020 204 Tennyson Ave exterior renovation Report 27-L-46 DCP-ZDR-2020-10927
Oakland November 24, 2020 Carlow University Institutional Master Plan update Report 28-E-110, 28-E-112, 28-E-116, 28-E-120, 28-E-122, 28-E-126, 28-E-128, 28-E-130, 28-E-131, 28-E-132, 28-E-133, 28-E-137, 28-E-140, 28-E-146, 28-E-148, 28-E-151, 28-J-70, 28-J-79, 28-J-81, 28-J-82, 28-J-83, 28-J-84, 28-J-85, 28-J-86, 28-J-87  
Oakland March 27, 2019 4255 Parkman Ave. Report 27-G-188  
Oakland March 27, 2019 Point Park Playhouse Report 28-J-266  
Oakland May 29, 2019 District Hall Report    
Oakland May 29, 2019 Pole Banners Report    
Oakland May 29, 2019 Scaife Hall Report 28-B-311  
Oakland May 29, 2019 0 Boundary St. Report 28-S-250  
Oakland June 3, 2019 207 Lytton Ave. Roof Replacement Report 27-L-194  
Oakland August 28, 2019 University of Pittsburgh Banners Report    
Oakland September 10, 2019 214 South Craig St. Mixed-Use Development Report 52-J-164  
Oakland October 24, 2019 300 South Craig St., Fuku Tea Report 51-N-8  
Oakland October 24, 2019 4040 Bigelow, Ledge House Report 27-G-167-0-1  
Oakland November 18, 2019 University of Pittsburgh, Institutional Master Plan Report    
Oakland November 26, 2019 3611 Parkview Ave Report 28-M-138  
Oakland November 26, 2019 0 Boundary St., follow-up meeting Report 28-S-250  
Oakland July 28, 2020 Pittsburgh Technology Center Parking Garage Report    
Oakland September 29, 2020 Family House Demolition 233 McKee Place Report 28-F-337 DCP-ZDR-2020-09961
Polish Hill August 14, 2019 3250 Liberty Ave Report 25-D-243  
Polish Hill November 18, 2019 Donnie's Place, Herron Avenue Report 26-E-197  
Schenley Heights (Hill District) Monday, January 25, 2020 4419 Schenley Farms Terrace Report 27-C-219 DCP-ZDR-2020-12198
Sheraden October 20, 2021 Karpeles Manuscript Library Report 42-L-305 DCP-ZDR-2021-10785
South Side Slopes October 27, 2021 Dwelling at 1611 Saint Patrick Street Report Unknown DCP-ZDR-2019-06763
South Side Flats October 21, 2021 155 S 15th St – proposed use change to community home, St. Adalbert Convent Report 3-M-75 DCP-ZDR-2021-10086
South Side Flats October 21, 2021 2424 E Carson St – proposed conversion of auto garage to two-unit residence Report 12-M-13 DCP-ZDR-2021-12804
South Side Flats October 21, 2021 1712 E Carson St – amendment of exterior plans, Dollar Bank Report 12-E-375 DCP-ZDR-2021-11412
South Side Slopes September 23, 2021 Multi-unit residence at 32 and 44 Pius Street Report 3-S-164 DCP-ZDR-2021-08896
South Side Flats August 19, 2021 After-the-Fact Approval of Painting of Rite Aid Pharmacy Facade (1915 E Carson St) Report 12-F-118 DCP-ZDR-2021-08783
South Side Flats August 19, 2021 Renovations to SouthSide Works Retail Space for Use as First-Floor Pharmacy (2655 E Carson St) Report 12-M-330 DCP-ZDR-2021-08189
South Side Flats May 27, 2021 Oliver Bath House Report 3-G-206 Unknown
South Side Flats May 27, 2021 2400 E. Carson Street and 95 S. 24th Report 12-L-263-0-2 and 12-L-264 DCP-ZDR-2021-03552 and DCP-ZDR-2021-04295
South Side Flats March 25, 2021 Esser Plaza/ 1200 E Carson St. Report 3-H-15 DCP-ZDR-2021-00919
South Side Flats March 25, 2021 South Side Works apartments, 2613 S Water St. Report 26-E-9 DCP-ZDR-2021-13024
South Side Flats January 25, 2021 1321-1327 E Carson St. Report 3-H-137 DCP-ZDR-2021-02209
South Side Flats January 25, 2021 2009 E Carson St Report 12-F-137 DCP-ZDR-2021-01296
South Side Flats January 25, 2021 Riverside Mews Report 12-A-7, 12-A-11 DCP-ZDR-2021-
South Side Flats January 21, 2021 1712 E. Carson St. Report 12-E-375 DCP-ZDR-2020-13014
South Side Flats January 21, 2021 2401 E. Carson St. Report 12-L-244 DCP-ZDR-2020-10187
South Side Flats December 17, 2020 2526 E. Carson St. Report 12-M-33 DCP-ZDR-2020-12247
South Side Flats December 17, 2020 2308 E. Carson St. Report 12-L-227 DCP-ZDR-2020-09274
South Side Flats November 19, 2020 1209 E. Carson St. Report 3-H-164 DCP-ZDR-2020-12148
South Side Flats October 22, 2020 90 S. 12th St. Report 3-M-393 DCP-ZDR-2020-05740
South Side Flats October 22, 2020 SS Works Tunnel Boulevard Playground Report 29-E-3 DCP-ZDR-2020-04850
South Side Flats October 22, 2020 South Side Works Town Center Renovation Report 29-J-70 DCP-ZDR-2020-09718
South Side Flats September 24, 2020 South Side Works Tunnel Park Dog Park Report 29-J-105 DCP-ZDR-2020-04557
South Side Flats September 24, 2020 2529 E. Carson St Facade Renovation Report 12-M-304 DCP-ZDR-2020-08538
South Side Flats September 24, 2020 2016 E. Carson St Facade Renovation Report 12-K-21 DCP-ZDR-2020-07591
South Side Flats September 24, 2020 1713-1715 E. Carson St Facade Renovation Report 12-E-310 and 12-E-311 DCP-ZDR-2020-06557
South Side Flats August 20, 2020 1700 E. Carson St. Report 12-E-280 DCP-ZDR-2020-02920
South Side Flats August 20, 2020 Southside Works Box Office Report 3-G-210 DCP-ZDR-2020-06946
South Side Flats August 20, 2020 905 Bingham St. Report 3-G-210 DCP-ZDR-2020-06071
South Side Flats July 2, 2020 South Side Works Town Square Renovation Report 29-J-70 DCP-ZDR-2020-03354
South Side Flats July 2, 2020 903 E. Carson St. Report 3-G-55 DCP-ZDR-2020-03494
South Side Flats February 20, 2020 Southside Marina Report 12-H-266 DCP-ZDR-2019-03574
Squirrel Hill August 3, 2021 Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens - Broderie & East Rooms Roof Restoration Project Report 27-S-150 DCP-ZDR-2020-3095
Squirrel Hill August 3, 2021 1174 Murray Hill Avenue Report 85-K-203 DCP-ZDR-2021-07815
Squirrel Hill June 6, 2021 5867 Aylesboro Ave Report 86-G-99 DCP-ZDR-2021-08093
Squirrel Hill May 4, 2021 Carnegie Mellon University Health, Wellness, and Athletics Center at Skibo Gym Report TBD DCP-ZDR-2021-05546
Squirrel Hill (South) June 1, 2021 Hobart and Wendover Apartments Report 87-A-106, 87-A-120 & 87-A-124 DCP-ZDR-2021-06880
Squirrel Hill December 1 and 22, 2020 5422 Wilkins Avenue Report 85-J-274 DCP-ZDR-2020-10240
Squirrel Hill December 1, 2020 2142 Wightman/Yeshiva Dorm Report 87-B-58 DCP-ZDR-2020-00360
Squirrel Hill (North & South) October 6, 2020 Phipps Greenhouse Rooftop Solar Project Report 0027S00150000001 DCP-ZDR-2020-08155
Squirrel Hill (North & South) October 6, 2020 1030 Murray Hill Avenue Historic Window Replacement Report 0085F00073000000 DDCP-ZDR-2020-07857
Squirrel Hill South September 1, 2020 Summerset-Shelburne Park Report 88-M-200 DCP-ZDR-2020-06058
Squirrel Hill North September 1, 2020 Chatham Institutional Master Plan Report    
Upper Hill August 17, 2020 4333 Schenley Farms Terrace single family home renovation Report 27-G-34  
Uptown November 10, 2021 1014 Fifth Ave – proposed conversion to mixed-use student housing development Report 2-G-6 DCP-ZDR-2021-12271
Uptown May 17, 2021 1323 Forbes Ave Report 2-L-42 DCP-ZDR-2020-05391
Uptown March 11, 2020 1707/1717 Fifth Ave Apts Report 11-E-37 DCP-ZDR-2019-05643
Uptown July 16, 2020 Uptown Tech Report 11-K-276 DCP-ZDR-2020-03908
Uptown August 24, 2020 Duquesne University IMP Report    
Uptown October 15, 2020 Fifth and Dinwiddie East and West Projects Report 11-E-19, 11-E-20, 11-E-22, 11-E-24 through 11-E-31, 11-E-56 through 11-E-73, 11-E-81, 11-E-82, 11-E-85 DCP-ZDR-2020-07085 (East Building)