Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is permit parking?
    • Permit parking is a way to give residents of a designated area a better chance to park near their homes. 
    • Designated areas must meet certain impaction criteria. 
    • Generally, areas around major institutions, such as hospitals and universities, are impacted. 
    • This will not guarantee anyone a parking space.
  2. How does the permit parking program work?
    • Individuals who own cars with permits are permitted to park anywhere in the program area all day and night.
      • Except for local restrictions such as street cleaning, no parking, etc. 
    • Those without a permit may park for only a limited amount of time, which may be no more than a 2-hour period, as determined by residents and parking surveys.
  3. Who will be able to get a permit?
    • Anyone who can prove they live in the district and prove they own a motor vehicle. 
    • Every car owned by any resident of the program area may have a permit. 
    • You may not sell, give away or transfer a permit. 
    • Businesses within a permit zone will be entitled to only one permit and one visitor’s pass.
  4. What about visitors?
    • Each household within the program area is permitted one visitor’s pass. 
    • The visitor’s pass carries the same rights as a permit. 
    • The visitor’s pass is not for anyone who wants to borrow it. 
    • It must be for a transient visitor within the residential parking permit program area. 
    • It may not be used for a resident’s own vehicle or more than three consecutive days for the same vehicle.
  5. At what time of day will the restriction apply?
    • A parking management plan is devised for each residential parking permit program area. 
    • It attempts to address the problems created by the impacting institution or other source. 
    • Restrictions are usually during the daytime.
    • After the program expires for the day, however, people can park normally.
  6. How much will a permit cost?
    • The administrative fee for a parking permit is $20.00 per vehicle per program year and the visitor’s pass administrative fee is $1.00 per household per program year.
  7. Can I still use my valid permit after moving out of the permit zone?
    • No, your permit is only be used while you're a legal resident living within that permit zone.