Fee Schedule

Revised January 1, 2019. To learn more about the changes, see the Fee Restructuring FAQ.

General Property Certification
Zoning Code
Zoning Research (hr)   
Copies (per page, waived if 10 pages or less)
Pre-Application Meeting
Zoning Review Fees Basic Zoning Review (Collected at PLI)
Site Plan Review 
Zoning Review w/Planning Commission Staff Review 
(per third re-review or per post-approval revision)
Temporary Occupancy (Collected at PLI)
Advertising Sign Review
Non-advertising Sign Review
Antenna Review
New Tower Review



Historic Review Fees Residential Staff Review
Commercial Staff Review
Residential Commission Review
Commercial Commission Review
Environmental Review Small Stormwater Management Plan Review
Stormwater Management Plan Review
Floodplain Review 
(New Construction or Substantial Improvement)
Hearing/Notice Fees Administrator Exception 
Zoning Board of Adjustment Hearing
Planning Commission Review 
(includes one briefing and one hearing & action meeting) 
Staff Posted Notice 
City Council Review
Minor Amendment (Administrator) 



Consolidation/Subdivision Plan of Lots $300.00

Master Plan

New Master Plan (IMP, PLDP)
New SP District
Master Plan Update
Minor Amendment (Administrator)
Historic Nomination Fees Individual Nomination
District Nomination (up to 20 parcels)
Large District Nomination (over 20 parcels)
$250 .00
$250.00 plus $10.00/ parcel over 20