Food Resources

Growing Food

Are you interested in learning how to grow food, get access to land for gardening, or getting permits to raise bees, chickens, ducks or mini goats?


Selling & Donating Food

  • Learn the legal ins and outs of selling food from your home or community garden - Visit Website.
  • Promote your sustainable restaurant - Visit Website
  • Learn how to donate surplus food here and here
  • Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act of 1996 - Visit Website


Sell What You Grow

You can sell what you grow right in your own neighborhood. You will need an Outdoor Retail Sales and Service Accessory Use Permit from the Zoning department. For that, you will need a site plan that includes identifying where the market stand, customer standing area and trash receptacle will be placed to assure it does not encroach on the public right-of-way or adjacent property.


Adopt-A-Lot Market Stand Lease

In order to donate or sell uncut, unprocessed produce that you have grown on City-owned land on site, you must complete a Market Stand Lease.


Food Access Programs

If you are struggling to make ends meet or know someone who could use a little help, there are resources available.

*Map of grocery stores, healthy corner stores, farmers markets, and food pantries coming soon*


Children & Families

If you are a new parent looking for lactation support, or you have older children and you want to know how you can provide them with healthier food, or start a garden in their school, you will find information here. There are also links here for researchers that want you to know how Pittsburgh Public Schools are participating in the Farm to School movement and other Good Food practices.


Farm to School


School Gardening Programs


Healthy Eating


Lactation Support