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In accordance with the Public Engagement Guide, this project has developed a Stakeholder Engagement Plan to guide engagement and explain how input will be used to generate code updates and recommendations.

This is a highly technical process that will not directly impact most citizens and the intent for the general public is to inform them of the work and project goals. For stakeholders and agencies more directly involved with stormwater management, the intent is to consult with and involve them in the update process to ensure broad support from the people who will be most impacted by code changes.

While a representative group of stakeholders has been selected, any person or group who would like to be more involved may reach out to the project team and request to be included in technical meetings and discussions. Additionally, surveys related to stormwater management will be posted on this website for anyone to complete in the coming weeks and months. This will help us to better understand the needs of City residents and make recommendations accordingly.

For any questions or to get involved with the Stakeholder Advisory Group, email Kara Smith, principal environmental planner at the Department of City Planning, at or James Stitt, sustainability manager at PWSA, at


Previous Stakeholder Engagement Meetings

Stakeholder Meeting #1 - Wednesday, July 8, 2020


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