Hays Woods

A draft of the Hays Woods Task Force Report and Appendix A – Individual Committee Reports are now available under Documents and Maps.


Upcoming Community Meeting – April 3

Hays Woods is a large tract of undeveloped land in southeastern Pittsburgh. While the land is not pristine, having historically served industrial uses including coal mining, it has a sense of wilderness in an otherwise urban area. Despite the environmental degradation typical of old mined lands, it features areas of significant tree canopy, significant flora and fauna, and even a pair of nesting bald eagles. A series of trails crisscross the property, indicating its popularity among outdoor recreation enthusiasts. Because of these unique qualities, the City has decided to seize the opportunity to establish Hays Woods as a city park that will expand its value to patrons for generations to come while preserving and restoring important natural ecosystems.

Hays Woods

In Spring 2018, Mayor Bill Peduto appointed a Task Force to explore potential uses for the site, establish guiding principles, and outline a scope of work for the initial planning stages. The Task Force has been charged with discussing every aspect and possible use of the site including but not limited to layout, trails, connectivity, development, programming, environmental considerations, public participation, funding and long-term operations and maintenance. The Department of City Planning will help guide the Task Force throughout the duration of the process to ensure that the Task Force’s recommendations align with City plans and incorporate planning best practices.


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