Historic Nominations & Designations

The City of Pittsburgh is home to 15 historic districts. These districts are set up to preserve, rehabilitate, and continue to use historic buildings. In areas with a historic designation, the Historic Review Commission oversees any potential demolition, new construction, addition to, or exterior alterations of structures.

If you are interested in nominating a place to the register, contact Historic Preservation staff at Nominations are reviewed by the Historic Review Commission and approved by City Council.



What does a historic nomination and designation do?

  • Protects the exterior character of an individual property or district by requiring review of projects to specific standards.
  • Promotes sustainability by preserving buildings and building materials that already exist.
  • Positively impacts property values, neighborhood revitalization, tourism, job creation, and tax revenue generation.
  • Read the Economic Benefits Report for more information.


What can’t a historic nomination and designation do?

  • Force an owner to restore their property.
  • Force an owner to fix their property.
  • Necessarily prevent a determined owner from demolishing their property.


What are the criteria for historic designation?

  • Location as a site of a significant historic or prehistoric event or activity.
  • Identification with a person or persons who significantly contributed to the cultural, historic, architectural, archaeological, or related aspect of the development of the City of Pittsburgh, the State of Pennsylvania, the Mid-Atlantic region, or the United States.
  • Exemplification of an architectural type, style, or design distinguished by innovation, rarity, uniqueness, or overall quality of design, detail, materials, or craftsmanship.
  • Identification as the work of an architect, designer, engineer, or builder whose individual work is significant in the history or development of the City of Pittsburgh, the State of Pennsylvania, the Mid-Atlantic region, or the United States.
  • Exemplification of important planning and urban design techniques distinguished by innovation, rarity, uniqueness, or overall quality of design or detail.
  • Location as a site of an important archaeological resource.
  • Association with significant cultural or social aspects or events in the history of the City of Pittsburgh, the State of Pennsylvania, the Mid-Atlantic region, or the United States.
  • Exemplification of a neighborhood development pattern or settlement significant to the cultural history or traditions of the City, whose components may lack individual distinction.
  • Representation of a cultural, historical, architectural, archaeological, or related theme expressed through distinctive areas, properties, sites, structures, or objects that may or may not be contiguous.
  • Unique location or distinctive physical appearance or presence representing an established and familiar visual feature of a neighborhood, community, or the City of Pittsburgh.

Any area, property, site, structure, or object that meets any one or more of the criteria listed above shall also have sufficient integrity of location, design, materials, and workmanship to make it worthy of preservation or restoration.


How to apply for historic nominations

A property's owner of record or any person presently residing in the City of Pittsburgh who has established residency in the City for at least one year may submit a historic nomination. Please note that a nomination of a religious structure may not be possible and historic district nominations are subject to additional requirements.

To start the historic nomination process:

  • Complete and review your draft Historic Nomination form with Historic Preservation staff prior to submitting to OneStopPGH.
  • Upon preliminary staff approval, complete a Historic Nomination application at OneStopPGH and pay the applicable fee. Link to City Planning Fee Schedule. Fees are non-refundable. Historic Nominiation applications are under Planning Application -> Historic Nomination Application.
  • Once submitted to OneStopPGH, staff will review the nomination for correctness and completeness. Additional information may be required if staff determines the application is incomplete.
  • A nomination is accepted once Historic Preservation staff signs the Historic Nomination Form.
  • Staff will notify the property owner via mail of the nomination.
  • A Development Activities Meeting is required 30 days before the Historic Review Commission (HRC) public meeting.
  • At the public HRC meeting, the Commission will consider the nomination. HRC hears testimony from the nominator, City staff, the property owner, and general public. If considered favorably, the Commission provides a recommendation to City Council.
  • In addition to Historic Review Commission, nominations are also considered by Planning Commission at a public meeting. If considered favorably, the Planning Commission provides a recommendation to City Council.
  • City Council holds a public meeting on the proposed nomination.
  • City Council makes the final decision regarding whether a property or district is worthy of historic designation. If approved, the property will be listed on the City register.

Once a nomination application is submitted to OneStopPGH and Historic Preservation staff determines it is a complete application, the process takes roughly nine months for a nomination to move from submission to a City Council decision. Once a historic nomination is approved, all external alterations to an individually listed property or those in a historic district are subject to review and approval by Historic Preservation Staff or the Historic Review Commission, depending on the scope of work. Violations are subject to citation by the Department of Permits, Licenses, and Inspections and are treated the same as any building code violation. See the Historic Preservation Code for more information.


List of City of Pittsburgh Nominations in review

Name Type Neighborhood Date Submitted Attachments
Allegheny Turn Halle Individual North Shore 2023-1999 Nomination
Pittsburgh Stained Glass Sudios Individual West End April 2024 Nomination
St. John Vianney Individual Allentown 2020-0776 Nomination


List of City of Pittsburgh Designated Sites and Districts


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Name Type Neighborhood Date Listed Attachments
412 Boulevard of the Allies Individual Downtown January 4, 2023 Nomination
Aberlie House Individual Central Northside February 6, 2001 --
Abrams House Individual Squirrel Hill Not approved by City Council Nomination
Allegheny Commons Park District Allegheny Center
Allegheny West
-- Map
Design Guidelines
Allegheny County Mortuary Individual Downtown September 25, 2002 --
Allegheny West District Allegheny West -- Map
Design Guidelines
Alpha Terrace District East Liberty -- Map
Design Guidelines
Bayard School Individual Lawrenceville -- Nomination
Beth Abraham Cemetery Individual Carrick May 21, 2024 Nomination
The Bradberry Individual Central Northside -- Nomination
B'nai Israel Synagogue Individual Garfield -- Nomination
Card Carriage House Individual Point Breeze -- Nomination
Carnegie Library - Hazelwood Branch Individual Hazelwood July 23, 2004 --
Carnegie Library - Homewood Branch Individual Homewood South July 23, 2004 --
Carnegie Library - Lawrenceville Branch Individual Central Lawrenceville July 23, 2004 --
Carnegie Library - Mount Washington Branch Individual Mount Washington July 23, 2004 --
Carnegie Library - West End Branch Individual West End July 23, 2004 --
Carol Peterson House Individual Lawrenceville -- Nomination
Catahecassa Individual Schenley Park -- Nomination
City County Building Individual Downtown March 13, 2020 Nomination
Deutschtown District East Allegheny -- Map
Design Guidelines
East Carson Street District South Side Flats -- Map
Sign Guidelines
Design Guidelines
Ella and Emil Keller House Individual North Point Breeze December 16, 2023 Nomination
Engine Company 28 Individual Shadyside -- Nomination
Ewalt House Individual Lawrenceville Not approved by City Council Nomination
Ferris House (formerly George Washington Gale Fer) Individual Central Northside June 22, 2001 --
Frick Park Individual Point Breeze
Squirrel Hill
Swisshelm Park
Regent Park
March 6, 2024 Nomination
Gallagher Kieffer House Individual Oakland December 1, 2020 Nomination
Hanauer-Rosenberg Residence Individual East Allegheny October 28, 2020 Nomination
Heathside Cottage Individual Fineview -- Nomination
Herron Hill Pump Station Individual North Oakland December 1, 2020 Nomination
Holy Family Church Individual Central Lawrenceville -- Nomination
Howe Springs Individual Squirrel Hill North -- Nomination
Hunt Armory Individual Shadyside -- Nomination
Immanuel Church Individual East Allegheny -- Nomination
J&L Steel Headquarters (Former)
John P. Robin Civic Building
Individual Downtown October 28, 2020 Nomination
Lemmon Row District Central Northside -- Map
Manchester District Manchester -- Map
Design Guidelines
Market Square District Downtown -- Map
Design Guidelines
Mellon Arena Individual Downtown Not approved by City Council --
Mellon Bank (East Liberty) Individual East Liberty Not approved by City Council Nomination
Mellon Park Individual Shadyside
Point Breeze
February 24, 2021 Nomination
Mexican War Streets District Central Northside -- Map
Design Guidelines
Mexican War Streets Expansion District Central Northside -- Map
Mowry-Addison House Individual Lawrenceville July 9, 2020 Nomination
Murray Hill Avenue District Squirrel Hill North -- Map
Design Guidelines
Naser's Tavern Individual Central Lawrenceville -- Nomination
New Granada Theater Individual Middle Hill October 8, 2004 --
Oakland Civic Center District Central Oakland
North Oakland
-- Map
Design Guidelines
Oakland Square District Central Oakland -- Map
Design Guidelines
Oliver Bath House Individual South Side -- Nomination
Panther Hollow Bridge Individual Squirrel Hill South
Schenley Park
July 26, 2002 --
Penn Liberty District Downtown -- Map
Design Guidelines
Pennsylvania National Bank Individual Lawrenceville March 13, 2020 Nomination
Rodef Shalom Individual Shadyside -- Nomination
Roslyn Place District Shadyside -- Map
Sal's Barber Shop Individual Brookline April 10, 2024 Nomination
Schenley Bridge Individual Schenley Park July 26, 2002 --
Schenley Farms District North Oakland
Upper Hill
-- Map
Shrine of the Blessed Mother Individual South Oakland October 13, 2020 Nomination
South Side Presbyterian Church Individual South Side Flats -- Nomination
Spring Hill Elementary School Individual Spring Hill October 28, 2020 Nomination
Tito House Individual Crawford-Roberts June 11, 2022 Nomination
Troy Hill Fire House Individual Troy Hill July 21, 2022 Nomination
Turney House Individual Lawrenceville -- Nomination
Walton House Individual Lawrenceville -- Nomination
Weis US Post Office & Courthouse Individual Downtown March 13, 2020 Nomination
Westinghouse Memorial Individual Schenley Park
Squirrel Hill South
-- Nomination
Veteran's Memorial Parklet (Brookline Memorial Cannon) Individual Brookline May 21, 2024 Nomination
Voegtly Spring Individual Spring Hill -- Nomination


List of Draft National Register Nominations for Public Comment

The current properties below are among those considered by the Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Board for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places at their next meeting.


Current nominations


Past nominations