Key Contacts

Department of City Planning 412-255-2200
Office of Acting Director Andrew Dash 412-255-2219
Art Commission 412-255-4996
Historic Review Commission 412-255-2243
Planning Commission 412-255-2473
Zoning Board of Adjustment 412-255-2214
Advisory Commission on Community Based Organizations 412-255-2213
Geographic Information Systems 412-393-0157
Residential Parking Permit Program 412-255-2200
Transportation Planning 412-393-0150
Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator 412-255-2102
Zoning Counter, 3rd Floor 412-255-2246
Zoning Office Fax, 3rd Floor 412-255-2561
Design Review 412-255-2470
Office of the Zoning Administrator 412-255-2241