The Manchester-Chateau Neighborhood Plan is a 10-year plan with a shared vision for the future of the neighborhood, and the projects and programs necessary to make that vision a reality.

Construction of SR 65 in the 1960s changed the Manchester-Chateau neighborhood landscape dramatically, dividing the neighborhood in two and gutting the commercial core along Beaver Avenue. Today, on the east side of SR 65, Manchester thrives with a wealth of historically significant resources and a heritage as the leading African-American neighborhood in Pittsburgh. On the west side of SR 65, Chateau flourishes as an economically successful industrial and institutional area with almost no residential buildings and limited riverfront access.

The Plan calls for improvements for safe connections between Manchester, Chateau and the riverfront with green corridors, specifically along North Franklin Street and Columbus Avenue in Chateau and the Juniata intersection/Route 65 underpass, the only existing crossing between Manchester and Chateau. Turning these corridors into green, park-like streets will have significant environmental benefits as well. The current scope locations were developed by the Sustainability Action Team members during the final stages of development of the Manchester-Chateau Neighborhood Plan. 

This project begins with developing conceptual designs and new design standards for green corridors in Manchester, a primarily residential area, and Chateau, an area with primarily industrial uses.

A three-day design charrette, originally scheduled for March 17-19, 2020, has been postponed until further notice in accordance with the City's ban of public meetings. For any questions, please contact Stephanie Joy Everett at 


Timeline Work to be done
Throughout 2019 Application and award for:
-EPA Technical Assistance to conceptually design green corridors
-URA Neighborhood Initiatives Fund to develop construction drawings.
November 2019 Community leaders, agency stakeholders, and design team meet for site visits and neighborhood tours.
March 2020 Three-day design charrette including meeting with the community, meeting with stakeholder groups, discussions with adjacent businesses and residents, and iterative design process.
TBD Development of construction drawings.
TBD Construction.