Motor Vehicle Weight Restrictions by Ordinance

  • Motor vehicles that have a registered gross weight of 6,000 to 10,000 pounds must submit a notarized letter from the vehicle owner for verification of necessity of use in the residential parking permit area. (Ord. 2-1991, eff. 2-4-91)
  • Motor vehicles with registered gross weight over 10,000 pounds are prohibited from having a parking permit. (Ord. 2-1991, eff. 2-4-91)

Purchase Restrictions by Ordinance

  • Parking Permits
    • Parking permits shall be issued by the group or agency designated by the Department of Public Works or Parking Permit Officer. No more than one parking permit shall be issued to each motor vehicle for which an application is made. A resident of a parking permit district, who owns a business in another parking permit district shall be authorized to purchase two parking permits, one permit for each affected permit parking district for their motor vehicle. The Parking Permit Officer is authorized to issue rules and regulations not inconsistent with this Chapter governing the manner in which the person shall qualify for parking permits. (Ord. 30-1981, eff. 9-22-81, revised eff. 2-25-14)
  • Commercial Properties
    • A person who owns or leases commercial property and actively engages in a business activity within a residential parking permit area. However, not more than one parking permit may be issued for each business establishment where a motor vehicle is registered to or under control of a person.  (Ord. 30-1981, eff. 9-22-81)
  • Visitor's Pass
    • The agency or group designated by the Parking Permit Officers is authorized upon application to issue no more than one visitor parking permit per household or business of residential parking permit areas for use of bonafide transient visitors therein. The visitor's permits shall have all rights and privileges of a regular permit, except that use by the same vehicle shall be limited to no more than three consecutive weekdays in a month unless additional use is approved by the enforcement office.  (Ord. 13-1993, eff. 5-25-93; Ord. No. 6-2008, § 2, eff. 5-27-08)
  • Up to three unrelated persons by blood or marriage living together in an individual household unit will be able to purchase parking permits under the definition of a family by the City of Pittsburgh:
    • A group of not more than three persons who need not be related by blood or marriage or adoption, living together as a single housekeeping unit in a dwelling unit, and shared common facilities as considered reasonably appropriate for a family related by blood, marriage or adoption; in either case exclusive of usual servants.  (Ord. 23-2001, § 3, eff. 11-30-01; Ord. 21-2002, § 27, eff. 6-18-02; Ord. 22-2002, § 1K, eff. 6-25-02; Ord. No. 2-2005, §§ 1A, 1B, eff. 1-25-05; Ord. 39-2005, § 1D, eff. 12-30-05; Ord. 40-2005, § 1A, eff. 12-30-05; Ord. 42-2005, §§ 40, 41, eff. 12-30-05; Ord. No. 19-2010, § 2A, eff. 6-17-10)