Naming Commission

The Commission on Naming Public Properties created guidelines and specifications for naming or changing the name of a public property or facility. These guidelines and specifications include:

  • how to receive requests and recommendations
  • provisions for public hearings and meetings
  • a facility or public property can only be named or renamed for a person after that person has been deceased for at least three years
  • naming or renaming a public property or facility for an individual person can only be recommended and approved if that person has been deceased for at least three years

The Naming Commission completes a report on the property or facility being named or renamed. This report includes the historic, artistic, and cultural background of any facility proposed to be named or renamed.

Meetings are held at 2:00 p.m. in:

First Floor Hearing Room
200 Ross Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219.

For more information about the Naming Commission, review the legislation or call:

Danielle Nicol
Senior Secretary


Submit a Naming Commission Application to be reviewed before the Commission.



  • Mike Gable, Chair, Director of Public Works
  • Andrew Dash, Vice-Chair, Director of City Planning
  • Karina Ricks, Director of Mobility and Infrastructure