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Effective Monday, May 18, 2020:

All official notices from Zoning and Development Review will be posted on this webpage. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, notices cannot be printed, distributed in person, or posted at sites. This page serves as legal notice of Administrator Exceptions, Zoning Board of Adjustment, Planning Commission, and City Council. This alternative process is authorized by Pennsylvania Act 15 of 2020 (SB 841).

Administrator Exceptions

Applicant Address Neighborhood Scope of Work Code Section
Todd Meyer 1205 Linden Place East Allegheny Install 14' x 20' gravel one-car parking pad at rear of single unit dwelling 925.06.G
Tom Frank 1714 Buena Vista Street Central Northside Two parking pads in the rear of single unit dwelling 925.06.G
Bryan Law 8 Beckfield Street Spring Hill-City View Install 18 solar panels and mount on ground at rear of single unit dwelling 925.06.G
Dennis Perevuznik 1304 Decatur Street Manchester Hvac unit on ground at rear of single unit dwelling 925.06.G
Clint Myers 847 Brightridge Street Perry South Lot line revision between tax parcel numbers 22-d-198 and numbers 22-d-199. 925.01.C
David Roth 616 S Mathilda Street Bloomfield Replace two decks at rear of three-unit dwelling 925.06.G
David Roth 618 S Mathilda Street Bloomfield Replace exterior fire escape at side of three-unit dwelling 925.06.G
Clint Myers 1117 Morrison Street California-Kirkbride Install one 10' x 19' gravel one car parking pad at rear of single unit dwelling 925.06.G.1
Clint Myers 1119 Morrison Street California-Kirkbride Install one 10' x 19' gravel one car parking pad at rear of single unit dwelling 925.06.G.1
Clint Myers 1121 Morrison Street California-Kirkbride Install one 10' x 19' gravel one car parking pad at rear of single unit dwelling 925.06.G.1
Tom Gray 2328 Sarah Street South Side Flats Use of 17' x 40' one story, two-car detached garage at rear of single unit dwelling 925.06.G
Scott Redding 1921 Huron Street South Side Slopes CONSTRUCT 2ND FLOOR ADDITION, 3 STORY DECK ON 2 STORY, SINGLE FAMILY DWELLING 925.06.G
William Dohn 1448 Barnsdale Street Squirrel Hill North INSTALL 14' X 20' REAR DECK ACCESSORY TO EXISTING SINGLE UNIT DWELLING 925.06.G
Nathan Hart 7349 Bennett Street Homewood South USE OF 9' X 18'6" SECOND AND THIRD FLOOR DECKS AT REAR OF THREE UNIT DWELLING 925.06.G
Adriana Helbig 708 Armandale Street Central Northside Enclose porch at rear of single family dwelling 925.06.G
Michael Fehr 1723 Sarah Street South Side Flats First floor deck at rear of single family dwelling 925.06.G


Zoning Board of Adjustment Notices

Visit for additional information about applications and instructions on providing testimony.

Applicant Address Neighborhood Scope of Work Variance Date of Hearing Time of Hearing
Daniel Simkins 230 Main St Central Lawrenceville Use of structure as two family dwelling. 911.02 February 4,2021 09:00 A.M.
Emily Jones 405 Wood St Central Business District Installation of (1) set of face-lit channel letters with frame, (2) double-faced internally illuminated blade signs, and (2) flag pole signs for The Industrialist Hotel. 919.03.M.8 (d)(ii), 919.03.M.7(e ) February 4,2021 09:10 A.M.
Alex Corapi 4606 Davison St Central Lawrenceville Construction of four new single unit dwellings. 903.03.D.2 February 4,2021 09:20 A.M.
Guy Galasso 265 Jasper St Mount Washington Continued use of structure as two family dwelling. 911.02 February 4,2021 09:30 A.M.
De Paolo Morgan 3026 Glen Mawr St Sheraden Use of structure as two family residence. 911.02 February 4,2021 09:40 A.M.
Robyn Brady 1422 Rush St Manchester Subdivision of two lots into four lots. 903.03.E.2 February 4,2021 09:50 A.M.
Barb Plutko 3113 Brighton Rd Marshall-Shadeland 6’x6’ internally illuminated cabinet-double sided sign that includes the lower section as a changeable LED sign. 919.03.O.3, 919.03.O.3(a) February 4,2021 10:00 A.M.
Carmen Mclntyre 1036 Brookline Blvd Brookline Expand occupancy for existing childcare use. 921.02.A.1 February 11,2021 09:00 A.M.
Reisman Mark S 1423 Severn St Squirrel Hill North Install 6’ privacy fence at front of single unit dwelling. 925.06.A February 11,2021 09:10 A.M.
Jack Williams 3500 California Ave Brighton Heights Construct garage addition at front of single unit dwelling. 903.03.C.2 February 11,2021 09:20 A.M.
Baker Jessica A 3458 Perrysville Ave Perry North Change of use from mixed use structure to two family dwelling. 921.02.A.4 February 11,2021 09:30 A.M.
Catalina Pagnotta 550 E End Ave Point Breeze First Floor (grade level) deck across rear of existing house. Second Floor balcony at rear of house. Third Floor dormer expansion/addition within existing Third Floor footprint. New 1.5 story 3-car garage at rear of property of Flotilla Way with a curb cut. Fence with gate at rear property line for privacy/security. 903.03.B.2/912.04.C4 February 11,2021 09:40 A.M.
Emily Jones 970 Washington Blvd Homewood Weste Installation of (1) double-faced internally illuminated pylon sign with LED message center. This sign will be an exact replacement of the previous sign that was damaged by a car accident. 919.03.O.3, 919.03.O(a) February 11,2021 09:50 A.M.
William Bresnahan, Adam Zinsser, Steve Wright 1011 Western Ave Chateau Commercial parking lot. 907.03.B, 914.05, 914.09.A.1, 914.09.H.1, 918.03.A, 918.02.B, 918.02.C February 11,2021 10:00 A.M.
William Bresnahan, Adam Zinsser, Steve Wright 5832 Beacon St Squirrel Hill South Renovation to change of use of existing 4-story structure from three unit residential to multi-unit residential with 4 dwelling units. 903.03.C.2, 916.04.C February 11,2021 10:10 A.M.
Nicholas MacFalls 1400 Beechview Ave Beechview Change of use of existing structure to three family dwelling. 921.02.A.1, 921.02.A.4 February 18,2021 09:00 A.M.
Sandy Garfinkel, Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC 100 Stanwix St Central Business District Install 5’x10’ electronic non-advertising wall sign. 919.03.M.7.(a)(iii), 919.03.O.3, 919.03.O.3(d) February 18,2021 09:10 A.M.
Erin Lambert 926 Jancey St Morningside Construct 11’x18’ shed at rear of single unit dwelling. 903.03.D.2 February 18,2021 09:20 A.M.
Ryan Wotus 3221 Kennett Sq South Oakland Continuation of existing two-unit residential use. 911.02 February 18,2021 09:30 A.M.
Lauren Gratchick 1001 Liberty Ave Central Business District Install two new high wall signs 334ft above grade. 919.03.M.7.c February 18,2021 09:40 A.M.
Marvin Miller 7713 Bennett St Homewood South New 2 story residential duplex with two parking pads at rear. 903.03.C.2 February 18,2021 09:50 A.M.
Jeffrey Wetzel 6135 Penn Ave East Liberty New construction of 6 story office building. 904.04.C.4, 904.04.C.4, 904.04.C.3, 914.02.A, 914.10.A February 18,2021 10:00 A.M.


Alternative Access & Parking Plan

An Alternative Access & Parking Plan represents a proposal to meet vehicle parking and transportation access needs by means other than providing parking spaces on-site in accordance with the ratios established in Section 914.02.A.

  • Application Number: DCP-ZDR-2020-06150
  • Address: 2515 Liberty Ave.
  • Neighborhood: Strip District
  • Section: 914.07.D.1
  • Description: Tenant fit-out of 8,780 sq. ft. on first and second floors as office.
  • Type: Small Facilities Alternative Access and Parking Plan


Planning Commission

Please visit the Planning Commission for information on how to provide public testimony to Planning Commission. For the full list of agendas and presentations, please visit Virtual Planning Commission page. This listing below is only applications requiring notice.

2142 Wightman Street, Conditional Use for Multi-Suite Residential (Limited), DCP-ZDR-2020-00360

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary Institutional Master Plan, DCP-MPZC-2019-00584


Other Hearings

None scheduled at this time.


City Council

429 Forbes Conditional Use for Transfer of Development Rights, DCP-ZDR-2020-05367