Neighborhood Planning

What is Neighborhood Planning?

Neighborhood planners act as liaisons between City government and the community for most planning processes. Neighborhood planners participate in, and often coordinate, community plans. This group of planners act as go-to people for explanations of zoning, development, transportation and other planning-related matters.

Whether you're an individual or a representative of a community organization, neighborhood planners are here to help.

While Neighborhood Planners often work on projects of Citywide importance, like the Comprehensive Plan, they also specialize in various parts of the City. Learn about your neighborhood planner and find out which neighborhood the specialize in


The Neighborhood Plan Guide

The Department of City Planning, in collaboration with public agencies and community planning partners, has developed the Neighborhood Plan Guide to establish a framework for how to create high-quality and consistent neighborhood plans. This guide creates a standard for the development of neighborhood plans that can be adopted by the City Planning Commission. The City of Pittsburgh will initiate these planning processes in most instances and will use this document to guide its work. Registered Community Organizations can also initiate the neighborhood planning process and work with public agencies to follow these standards and adopt a plan. 

A draft of the Neighborhood Plan Guide is available below. The period of public comment will be open from Tuesday, November 12 through Thursday, December 12. Public comments will be incorporated into a final draft of the Neighborhood Plan Guide that will be reviewed by Planning Commission. After the guide content has been approved for use, the content will be translated into online and print materials designed to better serve users. 


Current Neighborhood Plans Include: