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Current Opportunities

Art in Parks

The City of Pittsburgh is requesting artist qualifications for the creation of new large-scale works in each of the five Allegheny Regional Asset District (RAD) parks (Frick, Schenley, Riverview, Emerald View, and Highland). Artists interested in submitting their qualifications for this opportunity can do so through Beacon ( To apply, follow this link and search for "Art in Parks". Registration on Beacon is required for application.

Artists will be selected in spring of 2021 and will develop their project concepts following selection. Installations will begin in fall of 2021 and continue through 2022. They may include object-based sculpture, site-specific installations, and landscape works.

Artist info sessions will be held to answer questions about this opportunity and provide assistance in the application process. These sessions will be held via Zoom at the following times:

Monday, Mar 8, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Monday, Mar 15, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Wednesday, Mar 17, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Attendees may join at this link: or by telephone at 312-626-6799.

The Art in Parks program is made possible through a RADical ImPAct Grant from the Allegheny Regional Asset District.


Public Art Project Coordinator

The City of Pittsburgh is soliciting qualifications of public art project coordinators to administer, coordinate, and document the City’s 2021 Art in Parks program. The public art project coordinator will work in collaboration with the City of Pittsburgh and the artists or artist teams to administratively support the design, fabrication, and installation of the new artworks in the relevant parks. Additionally, the public art project coordinator will be responsible for overseeing the preparation of a complete package of project documentation, including the artists’ processes, public processes, photo-documentation, and commissioned written narratives. Artists interested in submitting their qualifications for this opportunity can do so through Beacon. To apply, follow the link to Beacon and search for "Public Art Project Coordinator". Registration on Beacon is required for application.


PACD Projects & Conservation Work

The City was pleased to collaborate with Allegheny County on a successful grant proposal for artistic interventions in regional City parks. The Allegheny Regional Asset District celebrated their 25th anniversary with the RADical ImPAct Grant program to fund projects that will inspire our region for the next 25 years. The City’s project will involve a series of innovative installations in Frick, Schenley, Riverview, Emerald View, and Highland Parks.

A colorful tile mural on a low wall at Townsend Park depicting a red street car and its eccentric passengers.

A new mosaic mural by artist James Simon has been installed at Townsend Park in Pittsburgh's Elliott neighborhood. The park was recently renovated and, as part of the Percent For Art program, a public art piece was planned for the wall facing Chartiers Avenue. After gathering community feedback, James created this eye-catching streetcar design to welcome both visitors and residents to the neighborhood.

A new and updated version of the City’s inventory of public art and memorials was released in 2020. The latest revision features corrected and expanded information, newly-organized categories for easier reference, and a clearer and more cohesive visual format. It is available here to view on your computer or device or download as a PDF.

Ongoing preservation work is being conducted throughout 2020, including the monuments of Legion Park, the North Shore’s Korean War Memorial, the Cannon in Arsenal Park, the Pius Street Memorial in the South Side Slopes, and the Maine Memorial in Allegheny Center.

Following the release of the updated inventory in 2020, an updated version of the City’s public art map was launched, with the help and support of the City’s GIS Division. The update features corrected and expanded information, along with new color-coded categories and a redesigned and user-friendly format for easy access on a range of devices. It can be found here.

The 28-panel mosaic by Pittsburgh artist Virgil Cantini was installed in a pedestrian underpass in 1964. The underpass will be closed permanently as part of the I-579 Cap Project, which includes a new, at-grade public park. PACD has worked with conservators to successfully remove the entire mosaic, and the City is currently working on plans to determine the best site for a re-conceptualized installation.

Artists Will Schlough, Tim Engelhardt, and Leonardo Moleiro have completed their hardscape mural installations at the Shiras and Hampshire T stops along Broadway Avenue. These installations are part of the larger Broadway Avenue Public Realm project to enliven this area while improving traffic and pedestrian safety.

The Department of Public Works, along with the Public Art and Civic Design Division of the Department of City Planning, is requesting proposals for coordination of a public art project to be implemented as part of the redesign of South Side Park. The selected applicant will develop their project in coordination with the final design plans for the park. Applicants can find the opportunity on the City's procurement website, Beacon, by searching for "South Side Public Art Coordination".

A large public art project in the newly-renovated Wightman Park in Squirrel Hill has been completed by artists Oreen Cohen and Alison Zapata. The artists incorporated the park's water and pollinator conservancy initiatives, as well as Pittsburgh's history of glass manufacturing, into a large sculptural bench and three additional free-standing "bug" sculptures. This was a Percent For Art project done by the Public Art & Civic Design Division in collaboration with the Department of Public Works and Council District 8.



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