Planning Commission

The City Planning Commission is a nine-member panel appointed by the Mayor for six-year, staggered terms. The Commission is charged with guiding land use and land development within the City. The Planning Commission makes recommendations to City Council concerning the Zoning Ordinance and zoning maps, and then reviews major development and redevelopment proposals.

To receive the Planning Commission agenda via email, please


Planning Commission Meetings

City Planning Commission meetings are held bi-weekly on Tuesday afternoon and are now meeting virtually. The meeting will be hosted on Zoom and streamed on YouTube Live on the Pittsburgh City Planning YouTube page. If you are not planning to testify, please watch the YouTube Live stream to allow those testifying to be able to join the meeting. To find out how to participate, please visit the Virtual Planning Commission page here.


Projects Reviewed by Planning Commission

  • New Construction and Renovations within Five Districts:
    • Downtown
    • Downtown Riverfront
    • Planned Development
    • Baum-Centre Overlay
    • Steep Slope Overlay
  • High Wall Signs
  • Zoning Map and Zoning Code Text Changes
  • Institutional Master Plans
  • Planned Development Districts
  • Lot Consolidations and Subdivisions
  • Conditional Uses
  • Historic landmark nominations



  • Christine Mondor, Chairwoman
  • Lashawn Burton-Faulk, Vice Chairwoman
  • Becky Mingo, Secretary
  • Jennifer Askey
  • Fred Brown
  • Dina Blackwell
  • Sabina Deitrick 
  • Jean Holland Dick
  • Rachel O’Neill