Performance Point Process Guide

The Performance Points System encourages Performance Process Mapnew developments to embrace innovation and contribute to neighborhood livability. Projects can earn points that increase their density by incorporating City of Pittsburgh and community priorities such as affordable housing, public art, and energy efficient design. This points system is part of the City’s Zoning Code (Section 915.07) and is used by the Riverfront (RIV) zoning category and the Uptown Public Realm District (UPR). In RIV zones, performance points earn an additional 10 feet in height (up to the area’s height maximum) OR can be placed 10 feet closer to the river from the distance specified by the Riparian Buffer Zone.

Performance Points will be evaluated and approved as a component of the Zoning Application (ZDR) and the required material will be expected with the initial application material for the ZDR case in the OneStopPGH online application portal. Applicants intending to seek Performance Points are encouraged to note that in the Pre-Application request info. Some Performance Points will require a specific Pre-Application meeting and staff will schedule that accordingly.

As more process guides are developed and approved by the City, we will add them to this site.

On-Site Energy Consumption – New Construction & Existing Buildings

915.07.D.1 and 915.07.D.2 Available in RIV and UPR Zoning Districts

On-Site Energy Generation

915.07.D.3 Available in RIV and UPR Zoning Districts

Affordable Housing

915.07.D.4. Available in RIV and UPR Zoning Districts 

Building Reuse

915.07.D.7 Available in UPR Zoning Districts 

Transit-Oriented Development

915.07.D.11 Available in RIV Zoning District 

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