Planning Reviews, Public Notices and Public Hearings

Applications submitted to the Department of City Planning for review may require Zoning Review and/or one or more of the Planning reviews, public notices and/or public hearings listed below depending on the location and scope of work.  Please note that this list is not exhaustive, but includes the most common components.


Zoning Review Process

Zoning Review is the overarching review for most Zoning Development Review applications. There are three levels of Zoning Review: Basic Zoning Review, Site Plan Review, and Zoning Review with Planning Commission. The level of review applicable for any given project will depend on the location and scope of work for that project. Below is a general overview of the three levels of Zoning Review. 

In some cases, the Zoning Review will be contingent upon the successful completion of one or more additional reviews, posted notices and/or public hearings administered or coordinated by the Department of City Planning. These additional components also depend on the location and scope of work.

In addition, if the project location does not have a valid address, final approval will not be issued until an Address Request application has been successfully completed and an Address Verification Letter has been issued.

Projects that successfully complete the Zoning Review Process typically receive at least one approval document called the Record of Zoning Approval (ROZA), but may also receive others such as the Certificate of Appropriateness, to submit to the Department of Permits, Licenses, and Inspections along with any other required documentation in order to apply for the appropriate permits issued by that department.

All development review activities, including signs, require a Zoning and Development Review Application, which may be submitted through the OneStopPGH online portal. Most applications filed online require a $50 filing fee, paid via credit card or e-check. (Please note a service charge will apply). Hard copy applications and checks may still be mailed or dropped off at the OneStopPGH Counter, 200 Ross St, Suite 320, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, open daily from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.


The Three Levels of Zoning Review

1. Basic Zoning Review

  • Typically small projects such as:
    • Chicken coops.
    • Most single-family dwellings in Residential Zoning Districts (including new construction, additions, renovations and/or accessory structures and uses)
    • Signs (excluding High Wall and Public Destination Facility signs)
    • Exterior HVAC equipment or generators
    • Some non-residential change of use with no exterior renovations
    • Ground mounted solar panels
    • Sidewalk cafes
  • The Basic Zoning Review fee applies (see the Fee Schedule for details). The Sign fee may also apply.
  • Use Survey Requirements website to determine if the scope of work requires a professionally stamped plan.

2. Site Plan Review

  • Typically mid-sized projects and projects in environmentally sensitive areas such as:
    • Single family dwellings in the P (Parks) or H (Hillside) Zoning Districts (including new construction, additions, some renovations and/or some accessory structures and uses)
    • Multi-family dwellings (including new construction, additions and some renovations)
    • Non-residential and some residential projects in neighborhood business districts (including new construction, exterior renovations and change of use)
    • Parking lots

3. Planning Commission Review

  • Typically large projects and projects in high visibility areas such as:
    • New construction, additions and significant exterior renovations in the GT (Golden Triangle), OPR (Oakland Public Realm), GPR (Grandview Public Realm), UPR (Uptown Public Realm), EMI (Educational/Medical Institution), RIV (Riverfront), and SP (Specially Planned) Zoning Districts and the Baum-Centre Overlay
    • High Wall signs
    • Public Destination Facility signs
    • Any development impacting a natural steep slope (25% grade or more)
    • All Project Development Plans (PDPs) and Final Land Development Plans (FLDPs)

Other Reviews

  1. CMP (Construction Management Plan) Review
  2. Design Review
  3. Historic Staff Review
  4. Floodplain Review
  5. Geotechnical Review
  6. Stormwater Management Review
  7. Transportation Review (reviewed by the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure)
  8. Administrator Exception
  9. Art Commission Review
  10. Historic Commission Review
  11. Planning Commission
  12. Zoning Board of Adjustment