Residential Parking Permit Program

The Residential Parking Permit Program (RPPP) is a way to give residents of a designated area a better chance to park near their homes. Designated areas must meet certain impaction criteria. Generally, areas around major institutions (hospitals, universities, etc.) are impacted. This will not guarantee anyone a parking space.

The Recertification Process

Every four (4) years the City of Pittsburgh is required to recertify each Residential Parking Permit Program district.  The purpose of re-certification is to certify the continued existence of the primary impactor on which the original designation was based and certify that seventy (70) percent of households, by petition, survey or combination thereof, still desire participation in the program.

The re-certification process includes a community meeting with current permit holders, a questionnaire mailed to every permit holder, a parking survey, and submission of a re-certification report to the City Planning Commission and City Council.

2015 Re-Certification Reports