The South Side Park Master Plan

See the South Side Park Master Plan Final Report HERE.

Also, see some drafted perspectives of the park HERE. After viewing the Draft Plan and Perspectives, please provide feedback HERE

The South Side Park Master Plan is an outcome of the City’s comprehensive Open Space Plan (2013), identifying South Side Park as a potential “Signature Community Park” in need of a master plan that includes neighboring Arlington Park.   Harnessing the City’s energy for creating an inclusive space that offers recreation, programming, connectivity, and ecologic systems within its urban context.  The site is inherently dramatic, providing both opportunities and challenges for public space-making. Design decisions will take cues from the unique culture and spaces within South Side Park’s energetic community and rich landscape, which engages the site’s natural systems while also providing a strategic plan for providing phased community resources. The outcome to generate a master plan that presents a strategy for implementation and suggested phasing for individual projects that may be easily adopted into future city budgets and by various other funding sources. Projects will be achievable and representative pieces of the larger vision of a unified framework that both builds community pride and helps to guide future capital investments.

Project Team:

  • The City of Pittsburgh + Advisory Committee
  • Studio Bryan Hanes – Prime Consultant (landscape architecture/planning)
  • Brean Associates – Sub-consultant (community outreach)
  • Sci-Tek Consultants, Inc. – Sub-consultant (stormwater/civil engineering)

Advisory Committee:

The Advisory Committee is a group of stakeholders (internal and external) whose role is to advise the Project Manager and consultants throughout the master plan’s development.  The members were selected based on their connection/role in South Side Park.  City and PWSA representatives represent the various departments and authorities that currently or in the future will work in the park.  Community representatives were selected based on their proximity to the park (Arlington, South Side Flats, and South Side Slopes neighborhoods) as well as their roles in the Friends of South Side Park group or other community groups who serve the area of the park.

  • City Planning
  • Public Works
  • CitiParks
  • Office of Management and Budget
  • PWSA
  • Arlington Resident
  • South Side Flats Resident
  • South Side Slopes Resident
  • Hilltop Alliance