What are consolidations and subdivisions?

A consolidation is when more than one lot is joined together legally to create a new single lot. A subdivision is when a lot is legally separated into more than one lot. 


Why may I be required to consolidate?

Reasons for consolidation include:

  • For tax reasons, so that a property owner receives only one bill.
  • To conform to the international building code, which does not allow construction across a lot line. 
  • For zoning requirements, to keep accessory structures such as a garage on the same lot as the primary structure.


Is a survey required?

Yes, the County will not accept your plan for recording if it is not stamped by a licensed professional.


How are consolidations and subdivisions approved?

Consolidations and subdivisions are reviewed by the Department of City Planning for compliance with the City's zoning code and subdivision ordinance. Applications for minor subdivisions and consolidations, which involve an area of land that is smaller than 50,000 square feet and do not create 8 or more new parcels, can be approved administratively. The Planning Commission holds hearings to review applications for major consolidations and subdivisions.  Planning Commission meetings are held virtually. For information about the Planning Commission, visit


What is the first step in the process?

Please email a draft consolidation or subdivision plan to Zoning and Development Review for a preliminary approval before filing this application.


What are the submission requirements?

After preliminary approval from staff, applicants are required to submit an application and a subdivision or consolidation plan, prepared by a licensed surveyor, online through OneStopPGH.

The subdivision regulations are available here


How much is the fee?

The application fee is $175 for minor applications and $200 for major applications. Application Fees are non-refundable. 


Should the applicant attend the hearing?

Major subdivisions and consolidations are presented by Staff, who are able to  answer questions from  Planning Commission. Applicants can attend the hearing, but are not required to participate.


What happens when a consolidation or subdivision is approved?

The registered surveyor or applicant should contact the Zoning Division after the scheduled Commission Hearing to obtain the approved plan. The plan must then be taken to the Allegheny County Real Estate Department for recording. Their office is located at 542 Forbes Avenue. After the plan is recorded, the applicant is required to contact the City Planning Department with the Plan Book volume and page number.


For more information:

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