Zoning and Development Review Division

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The Division of Zoning and Development Review (Zoning Division) of the Department of City Planning administers the City of Pittsburgh Zoning Code and Historic Preservation Code. The Zoning Division is the first stop for getting most construction permits in the City of Pittsburgh. The approval processes involved vary by project type, the scope of work, and location (see the Department of Permits, Licenses, and Inspections for more information). 


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Primary Roles and Responsibilities of the Zoning Division

  • Regulates land use within the City of Pittsburgh
  • Reviews interior/exterior renovations, additions/expansions, and new construction
  • Initiates zone changes and zoning code text amendments
  • Shapes public realm through the design review process
  • Establishes and regulates local Historic Designations
  • Regulates consolidations and subdivisions


What are the codes and regulations administered?

The City of Pittsburgh Zoning Code regulates land use and activities within the City boundaries. The intent of zoning regulations is to allow property owners the reasonable use of their property insofar as the use is not detrimental to abutting properties or to the neighborhood. The City of Pittsburgh is divided into different Zoning Districts that regulate the potential uses of a property. Interactive maps show the zoning and parcel information. 

Note: the current Certificate(s) of Occupancy for particular property documents explain how that property is legally allowed to be used.