Pittsburgh Principles for Autonomous Vehicles

The City of Pittsburgh has outlined its objectives and expectations for the safe testing of autonomous vehicles in Pittsburgh through the issuance of an Executive Order on March 4, 2019. The order assigns responsibilities for the development of transparent and constructive reporting guidelines to the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure.

All five of the prominent entities currently developing autonomous driving systems in the city were on hand for the signing of the order, demonstrating the strong emphasis on partnership that is a Pittsburgh hallmark.   

Called the “Pittsburgh Principles,” the order is the first of its kind to be issued by any city worldwide and is a further model of the Pittsburgh’s longtime leadership in the technology, and of the city’s focus on providing safe and inclusive transportation opportunities for all residents.  

The Principles include: 

  • Instituting transparent lines of communication between the City and partners testing autonomous vehicles, and annual reports on the implementation of AV policies  

  • Promoting automated driving systems that encourage high vehicle occupancy with lower or no emissions, and lower cost and equitable transportation options 

  • Engaging industry leaders and community stakeholders to collaboratively facilitate the further development and deployment of self-driving technology   



Executive Order - Self-Driving Vehicle Testing and Operations in the City of Pittsburgh (PDF)

Pittsburgh Shared and Autonomous Mobility Principles (PDF)

Autonomous Testing Guidelines and Submission Process (PDF)


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