Boundary Street Traffic Calming

Status: Under Construction

Boundary Street from Panther Hollow to Fifth Avenue  Map

Boundary Street from Panther Hollow to Fifth Avenue is an important bicycle and pedestrian connection from the Eliza Furnace Trail along the Monongahela River to Oakland. The Eliza Furnace Trail connects both Downtown Pittsburgh and the South Side to Oakland, the state’s third largest economic hub.


Speed and Volume Data on Boundary Street near Joncaire Street

Average Daily Traffic: 3,700 vehicles per day
Median Speed: 30 mph
85th Percentile Speed: 35 mph

Traffic Calming and Pedestrian Improvements on Boundary Street

The Boundary Street Traffic Calming project will include five speed humps on Boundary Street between Joncaire Street and Forbes Avenue, and signage to help direct bicyclists and pedestrians to and from the Eliza Furnace Trail to Ellsworth Avenue, north of Forbes Avenue.

The estimated construction cost of this project is approximately $50,000. Post-construction evaluation data will be published here after the project is complete.