DOMI COVID-19 Response

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly altered life in Pittsburgh. Businesses have shut down and services have been limited, job and housing stability have become uncertain, and education, worship, and healthcare have shifted to operating virtually. In response, cities, including Pittsburgh, have adapted in ways that will allow life and business to resume with some level of vitality under new and necessary constraints.  


PGH Streets and Mobility Task Force

The Pittsburgh Streets and Mobility Task Force was formed to explore ways in which we can redesign our city streets and reconceive transportation and mobility in order to best support businesses and residents to stabilize and strengthen the local economy and serve the mental and physical health of our people. You can see the report from the Task Force here.

If you are a business owner, please take a moment to respond to our COVID-19 Small Business Survey. Your input will help us to implement and adapt policies to support local businesses.


Micromobility Guidance

Electric powered micromobility devices are an emerging form of urban mobility. Ownership and use of these devices have grown exponentially in the City of Pittsburgh over the past many months. The City does not wish to penalize people who use these devices in a safe and responsible manner yet the lack of guidance makes enforcement against dangerous or irresponsible use challenging.

This Guidance provides a local definition of powered micromobility devices and defines appropriate operation and use in the City of Pittsburgh with the intent to promote safe and harmonious operations in the public right of way.


Street Modifications for Temporary Sidewalk Cafes, Queuing Space, or Curbside Pick Up

The Temporary Outdoor Dining & Retail Program allows Pittsburgh restaurants and other businesses to easily apply for temporary Sidewalk Cafe, Parking Lane Cafe, Full Street Closure, and Curbside Pick-up Zone Permits. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, this program helps businesses and restaurants provide outdoor space and promote social distancing while Pittsburgh slowly reopens.
As part of the program, businesses can apply for one or more of the following temporary permits:

  1. Sidewalk Cafe Permit to utilize existing sidewalk space in front of a business for retail or dining.
  2. Parking Lane Cafe Permit to utilize the parking lane in front of a business for retail or dining.
  3. Full Street Closure Permit to significantly change part of a street or a full street for outdoor walking, shopping, and dining.
  4. Curbside Pick-up Zone Permit to designate specific parking zones for delivery drivers and customers taking food to-go.

Find out more information on the Temporary Outdoor Dining & Retail Program by following this link.

Please review the Guidelines below, determine which request type best matches your proposal, then complete the application form. Some request types require additional documentation and plan drawings, please email these attachments to 

Additional Guidance: