Curb Cut Permit

Curb Cut Permit

What is a Curb Cut?

A Curb Cut is ramp graded down from the top surface of a sidewalk to the surface of an adjoining street.

How to Obtain a Curb Cut Permit:

  1. To apply for a driveway permit, you must first file for a Zoning and Development Review (ZDR) with OneStopPGH. You are required to provide a stamped and sealed, scaled survey for the parking pad/spaces or new garage with the application. 
    • Apply in person at the OneStopPGH counter located at 200 Ross Street, 3rd Floor (Map
    • Apply online, using the OneStopPGH online portal
  2. Once the application has been logged, you will be issued a ZDR number. 
  3. Go to the Department of Mobility & Infrastructure located at 611 Second Avenue, 2nd Floor (Map) to apply for the driveway entrance permit. Bring a copy of your stamped and sealed, scaled survey and ZDR number. 
    • Hours of operation: 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Appointments are recommended – contact Bobbie Abbondanza at 412-255-0840.
  4. Fill out the Curb Cut Application at the DOMI permit office, to apply for the driveway entrance. A fee is required in the form of a check or money order made payable to the "Treasurer, City of Pittsburgh" as follows:
    • $75.00 for a Residential Driveway
    • $15.00 per linear foot for a Non-Residential Driveway Entrance
  5. After applying at the DOMI permit office, the scaled survey drawing along with the application for the driveway entrance will be sent by electronic notification process through the Accela permit system to the Department of City Planning – Development Administration and Review (Zoning) for approval.
  6. After Zoning Office approval, the application for driveway entrance will be sent back to DOMI by electronic notification process through Accela permit system.
  7. DOMI personnel will conduct a site visit and take site photographs.
  8. DOMI Permit Approval. The whole process takes approximately two-three weeks for all approved signatures required by the Department of City Planning – Development Administration and Review (Zoning) and the Department of Public Works.
  9. DOMI personnel will call for you to come in and get the curb cut permit.
    • After getting the permit from DOMI, you will then need to finalize your occupancy permit at the Department of City Planning, Zoning Department.

Required Items

  • Stamped scaled survey drawing
  • Proposed curb cut width and side dimensions to property lines
  • Check/money order (cash and credit cards are not accepted)
  • Property location/address
  • Name of property owner(s)
  • Contact phone number
  • Property owner signature
  • Street width
  • Type of paving
  • Type of existing curb
  • Sidewalk width
  • Type of sidewalk
  • Sidewalk condition

Helpful Information

  • Curb cuts must be constructed in a manner that allows safe vehicular ingress and egress.
  • The applicant must ensure adequate sight distance for safe vehicular ingress and egress and must alter sight distance obstructions located on the applicant’s property.
    • Safety issues (e.g., driveway in a blind spot on the street) can delay DOMI approval.
  • Unless otherwise noted, parking will be restricted on either side of driveway for a maximum of three feet.
  • Parking will not be prohibited opposite applicant’s driveway to facilitate ingress or egress.
  • Indicate the location and type of existing and proposed street fixtures such as utility poles, street lights, traffic signals, etc.
  • Maximum width of curb cut shall be 36 feet.

Note: Utility conflicts between the applicant’s proposed driveway and existing utilities must be resolved by the applicant.

DOMI Permits Office
611 Second Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone: (412) 255-2370
Fax: (412) 255-2728



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