Current Projects

On this page you will find some of the projects we are currently working on. Each project will have a brief description followed by links to copies of previous presentations or other informative documents. Check back here periodically for updates.

East Carson Construction Work, March 26th 2019East Carson Construction Work, March 26th 2019

East Carson Streetscaping 2019

The Department of Mobility and Infrastructure intends to do limited streetscaping from 10th Street to 25th Street along East Carson Street in conjunction with a pedestrian safety improvements by PennDOT. Email questions or comments to

The DOMI streetscaping improvements will consist of the following:

  • Street & pedestrian level lighting
  • Street trees and hanging baskets
  • Other incidentals including exposed aggregate concrete restoration from behind the curb to the back edge of tree pit, replacement of signage, and removal of old light fixtures

DOMI Timeline:

  • Construction Start: March 18th 2019
  • Construction Complete: November 20th 2019
  • Tree Planting: May 2020

The PennDOT pedestrian safety improvements will consist of the following:

  • Pedestrian bump outs and ADA upgrades at intersections
  • New pavement markings and signage
  • Milling and resurfacing of roadway

PennDOT Timeline

  • Let Date: April 2019
  • Construction Start July 2019
  • Construction Complete June 2020
  • Tree Planting: June 2020

Presentations and additional information:

03 12 2019 East Carson Streetscaping Presentation (PDF)

02 08 2019 East Carson Streetscaping Presentation (PDF)

11 14 2018 East Carson Streetscaping Presentation (PDF)

06 25 2018 East Carson Streetscaping Presentation (PDF)



Smallman Street Improvements

The Department of Mobility and Infrastructure intends to resurface Smallman Street in the Strip District from 16th to 21st Street in conjunction with a project by the Urban Redevelopment Authority to facilitate the restoration and reuse of the historic Produce Terminal building. More than just resurfacing, the project will include substantial improvements to the street including a new street distribution, new pavement patterns, new lighting fixtures, new street furnishings and stairs and ramps from street level to the Produce Terminal Building’s dock level to allow for easy and inviting transition and travel from the raised dock level to the street. If you have any questions regading this project please contact:

The resurfacing / streetscaping components will consist of the following: 

  • Mill and overlay of the existing asphalt to provide a blank canvas to redistribute the right of way.
  • Maintenance of the existing drainage and curb lines to prevent the need for complete reconstruction.
  • Creation of bump outs, medians, and plazas along the southern side of the street using textured (stamped) and tinted (painted) asphalt.
  • Establishment of curbless concrete sidewalk along the northern side of the street to provide more space for pedestrians.


  • Preliminary Engineering: September 2018 - January 2019
  • Final Design: Feburary - March 2019
  • Advertise: June - July 2019
  • Award: August 2019
  • Construction: September - December 2019

Presentations and additional information:

Smallman Street Improvements Update 3 - 03 19 (PDF)

Smallman Street Improvements Update 2 - 03 19 (PDF)

Smallman Street Improvements Update 2 - 02 19 (PDF)

Smallman Community Meeting 02 06 2019 (PDF)

Smallman Street Improvements Update 12 5 2018 (PDF)

Smallman Street Improvements- September 12 2018 Update

Smallman Community Meeting 08 22 2018 Presentation (PDF)

Smallman Community Meeting 07 31 2018 Presentation (PDF)



South Negley Avenue Bridge

The purpose of this South Negley Bridge Improvements is to maintain safe and efficient vehicular and pedestrian access along the South Negley Avenue corridor over the Port Authority of Allegheny County’s East Busway and Norfolk Southern Railroad facilities.

The need for this project is based on documented structural deficiencies including severe levels of deterioration to primary structural members supporting both sidewalks and several, heavily eroded stones and large, full height cracks in the stone masonry abutments.

Proposed bridge improvements include (but are not limited to):

  • Remove and replace the existing concrete bridge deck and sidewalks.
  • Raise the superstructure approximately 1’-8” to provide 22’ min. vertical clearance over Norfolk Southern Railroad.
  • Replace all heavily deteriorated sidewalk support beams.
  • Repair the truss and floor-beam members with section loss or other damage.
  • Clean and repair the deteriorated stone masonry in the abutments and wing-walls.
  • Reconstruct the approach roadway, existing stairs, and pedestrian ramp.
  • Repaint the bridge
  • Install new lighting and fencing

Presentations and additional information:
South Negley Avenue Bridge - Public Meeting Presentation 12 13 18 (PDF)



Downtown Bike Facilities

To provide a safer and more accommodating experience for those riding bicycles, the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure has created Downtown Bike Facilities Project. This project aims to develop a network of bicycle facilities to better support recreation, employment and event access to Downtown Pittsburgh.

To learn more about the status of the project, please refer to our most recent presentation from the November 28 meeting. 

Downtown Bike Facilities Phase 2



Bigelow Boulevard Reconstruction

Bigelow Boulevard is the civic center of the Pitt campus and host to students, business visitors, employees, and tourists. The streetscape project proposes a comprehensive set of improvements that addresses circulation and safety, while incorporating a streetscape design sensitive to the area's history. The project upgrades an important bike connection, relocates and enhances the pedestrian crossing, calms traffic, and uses best practices in street design to create a better sense of place in Oakland.

Presentations and additional information:

Bigelow Boulevard Reconstruction 06 07 2018 (PDF)