Pittsburgh Safe Driving Pledge

I pledge to follow the speed limit, always stop for pedestrians, and help make Pittsburgh a safe and livable city. I will drive safely throughout the city and its neighborhoods and respect the children, older adults, family members, pets, friends and neighbors who live in them.

Follow the Speed Limit

You have the responsibility as a driver to help keep yourself–and those around you–safe. Driving a safe speed improves your field of view, gives you more time to react, and reduces the chances of causing injury or death.

Stop for Pedestrians

Every intersection is a crosswalk whether it is marked or not. You have the duty to yield to people waiting at crosswalks— whether they are marked or not—especially for seniors, children, and disabled people who may move more slowly or have a harder time judging a car’s speed and distance.



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The Goal

The Pittsburgh Safe Driving Pledge encourages drivers to follow the speed limit and stop for pedestrians in order to create more livable streets and neighborhoods, reduce serious injury associated with driving, and educate the public about traffic laws and responsible driving behavior.


How it Works

Volunteer to sign the Pittsburgh Safe Driving Pledge, and then proudly display the official Safe Driving Pledge bumper sticker on the rear of your car. By agreeing to follow the speed limit, your car will set the pace for traffic behind you without the need for physical barriers like speed humps. This is a resident-based initiative that will not only keep traffic at a safe speed, but also make drivers more aware of and courteous to other road users—especially pedestrians and cyclists.


Upcoming Events:

For an opportunity to sign the pledge and receive a Safe Driving Pledge sticker for your vehicle look for us and our partners at community events throughout the City, including:

  • Pittsburgh Safe Driving Pledge Launch Event
    Arsenal Middle School, 220 40th Street
    Monday, August 12th, 4:30 PM