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Our Mission

Provide the physical mobility necessary to support the social and economic mobility of the people of Pittsburgh through the management, design, improvement, and operation of the public right of way.

What we do.

The Department is responsible for the transportation of people and goods throughout the City of Pittsburgh, and for managing the operation of and access to the public right-of-way (the sidewalks, curbs, streets, and bridges that make up our network).

City's Mobility Principles:

  • No one dies or is seriously injured traveling on city streets.
  • Every household in Pittsburgh can access fresh fruits and vegetables within 20 minutes travel of home, without the requirement of a private vehicle.
  • All trips less than 1 mile are easily and enjoyably achieved by non-vehicle travel.
  • No household must spend more than 45% of household income to satisfy basic housing, transportation and energy needs.
  • The design, maintenance and operation of city streets reflects the values of our community.

Research finds that access to transportation is the factor most likely to influence household economic success ( With this in mind, the mission of the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure is to provide the transportation mobility essential to the economic mobility of all Pittsburghers.