Together We Move Forward

Imagine a Pittsburgh where all of our neighbors are able to easily navigate the city, getting from their homes to school or work, appointments or just to run errands without the need for a vehicle.

That’s the vision for the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure. A future where safe travel and access to life’s necessities don’t require the expense of owning your own vehicle.

Today, Pittsburgh experiences an average of 4,500 motor vehicle crashes on its streets each year, causing fatalities and dozens of serious injuries. Our goal is to eliminate traffic injuries and fatalities and promote a community that is safe and accessible for road users of all kinds. Because the future of Pittsburgh depends on it. Because, Together we move forward.

How you can make a difference.

Follow The Speed Limit
You have the responsibility as a driver to help keep yourself–and those around you–safe. Driving a safe speed improves your field of view, gives you more time to react, and reduces the chances of causing injury or death.

  • A person hit by a vehicle traveling 30 mph is 2x more likely to die than if hit at 25 mph

Stop For Pedestrians
Every intersection is a crosswalk whether it is marked or not. You have the duty to yield to people waiting at crosswalks— whether they are marked or not—especially for seniors, children, and disabled people who may move more slowly or have a harder time judging a car’s speed and distance.

  • Want to help improve safety in your neighborhood and throughout the city? Consider singing the Safe Driving Pledge.


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