Pedestrian Wayfinding Kiosk Project

Upcoming Events: 
Public Meeting (Flyer PDF)
Cathedral of Learning, 4200 Fifth Avenue
August 28th
Afternoon Session: 3:00 to 4:00 pm
Evening Session: 6:00 to 7:00 pm

Come and see the proposed kiosk designs in person, and try out the virtual reality system our partners at City Planning will have on-hand--you can visualize any location in the City and give us feedback on the best locations and content for the kiosks that would help people navigate the neighborhood.


The City of Pittsburgh is working with a Wayfinding Advisory Committee to establish new standards for pedestrian-oriented wayfinding signage. The first phase will consist of kiosks with maps and directional information, to be installed in Downtown, Oakland, and the lower North Side.  These first implementation locations were selected due to the high concentration of regional destinations--the intent is to set the new design standard and then expand to other neighborhoods across the City.

The Wayfinding Advisory Committee is made up of representatives from the City, Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, Oakland Business Improvement District, Oakland Transportation Management Association, Northside Now, the Southwestern PA Commission, and the University of Pittsburgh.

The project has been through numerous phases, with input from a large and diverse group of stakeholders at each one.  The project began in late 2014, establishing a vision and collecting data on destinations across the project area. The second phase refined the destinations to be included in the signage system, and developed a strategy for implementation.  The third phase drafted sign messaging and initial schematic designs.  The current phase, which is close to wrapping up, involved completing the design of the kiosks.

For more background on the design and history of this project, check out the presentation the Wayfinding Advisory Committee gave to the Pittsburgh Art Commission in June 2018:

Pedestrian Wayfinding Kiosk Project Art Commision Meeting 06 18 2018 (PDF)